Yana Akimova-Dimitrova is a contestant on VIP Brother 10 (Bulgaria).


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Born city: Sofia
Education : Master
Age: 45 years
Sign: Leo
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Manager
Harmful habits: I do not
Hobbies and interests: Ride, fish, play cards and backgammon, drive ATV
Describe yourself in a few words: smiling, jerk, dude
The best words they said about you: cool, fun, unique
What are you proud of: With the things I have achieved
The three things you can not live with in the House: clothes, shoes, glasses
Petko Dimitrov has a business with night clubs. He thinks taking care of people's fun is not the most fun job: "Sometimes you have to have a hard hand, a strong character and a very quick mind, of course. Otherwise I am a soul, I am well-meaning. "
He thinks he's a serious man with a great sense of humor, but hell-bumpy. "I am a bomb, without a timer and without a wick. First throw, then I think. When I think about it, I have a dark side. "
She and Jana have been married for 5 years. "It is not easy to lead Petko, so we are together, because it is nice for me to lead," says the dancer. She thinks she is more organized by both of them because she cares for children, clean and cook and keeps everything in perfect shape.
They come into the House because they want to escape a little from the children. [1]

Player's History - VIP Brother 10 (Bulgaria)

Task History

Week 1

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Nora Nedkova
Rosemary Tisher
Stefan Nikolov
2 Diona Sashova
Valentin Kulagin

Note: Yana nominated alongside Petko

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