Willi Herren is a finalist of Promi Big Brother 5.


Player's History - Promi Big Brother 5

Duel Arena History

Day 3 Live Duel Ineligible
Day 4 Live Duel Ineligible
Day 5 Live Duel Ineligible
Live Duel 2 Ineligible
Day 7 Live Duel Loss
Day 8 Live Duel Ineligible
Day 9 Live Duel Loss
Day 10 Live Duel Win
Day 11 Live Duel Win
Day 12 Live Duel Ineligible
Day 13 Live Duel Win
Day 14 Live Duel Win
Day 15 Live Duel Loss
Day 16 Live Duel Win

Nomination History

Day Nominated Nominated By Final Position
10 No Nominations Nominated
Zachi Noy
11 Sarah Knappik
12 Claudia Obert
13[1] Eloy de Jong Eloy de Jong
Evelyn Burdecki
14 Steffen von der Beek
Jens Hilbert
Milo Moiré
15 Milo Moiré
Jens Hilbert
16 Milo Moiré
17 No Nominations Third Place

Post Big Brother



  1. Housemates nominated who they wanted to save from this eviction.
Promi Big Brother 5 Housemates
Promi5 Jens Small
Promi5 Milo Small
Promi5 Willi Small
Promi5 Dominik Small
Promi5 Eloy Small
Promi5 Evelyn Small
Promi5 Steffen Small
Promi5 Sarah Ke Small
Promi5 Claudia Small
Promi5 Sarah Kn Small
Promi5 Zachi Small
Promi5 Maria Small
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