Wildcard Contestants is a twist from various seasons of Big Brother, where the public votes for an additional contestant that they want to compete in the house with the other contestants. The winner gets a spot in the game and become an official houseguest, while the losers get nothing and are sent home.

The Wildcard Contestants usually enter the game after the game has already started. This leaves them out of the loop with some things, thus they must catch on to survive evictions.

Overall, Wildcard Contestants have done really well in their seasons. Becky Hannon from Big Brother UK 13 placed in the top nine, Allison White from Big Brother Canada 2 placed in the top seven, and Nikki Grahame and Tim Dormer from Big Brother Canada 4 placed in the top six and top three respectively.

List of Wildcard Contestants

Season Selected Not Selected
PBB2 Bodie Cruz
Maricris Dizon
Jeremy Hidano
Mikah Dizon
BBB9 Emanuel Milchevski
Josiane Oliveira
Daniel Gevaerd
Maíra Britto
PBB Unlimited Carlo Romero Unnamed
BBUK13 Becky Hannon Anthony
BBB13 Kamilla Salgado
Marcello Soares
Andre Coelho
Bernardo Lima
Kelly Baron
Samara Pessato
BBCAN2 Allison White Nate Sandri
Scott Bosse
BBCAN4 Nikki Grahame
Tim Dormer
Jase Wirey
Veronica Graf
BBB16 Geralda Diniz
Matheus Lisboa
Fernanda Borges
William de Oliveira
PBB7 - Dream Team Elisse Joson
Yong Muhajil
Cora Waddell
Yassi Pressman
Christian Morones
Baninay Bautista
BBCAN6 Merron Haile
Veronica Doherty
Kirsten MacInnis
Mikey Jakobczak
BBCAN7 Cory Kennedy Holly Noseworthy
PBB8 - Batch 1 Criza Taa
Rhys Eugenio
Ali Abinal
Reign Parani
Missy Quino
Gabby Sarmiento
Sansan Dagumampan
Achilles Samain
Krist Vertudez
Kurt Gerona
Gian Wang
Lienel Navidad
PBB8 - Batch 2 Mark Obera
Tori Garcia
Mary Grace Lagos
JC Gamez
Thea Rizaldo
Shawntel Cruz
Kim Franco
Camille Sandel
Patrick Bantecil
Marie Songalia
Kin Franco
Grace Abrugar
Lyndon Oros
Mark McMahon
PBB8 - Batch 3 Ashley Del Mundo
Emjay Savilla
Jem Macatuno
Gwen Apuli
Shami Baltazar
Batit Espiritu
Narcy Esguerra
Lance Carr
BBB20 Daniel Lenhardt
Ivy Moraes
Daniel Caon
Renata Dornelles


  • Big Brother Canada 4 is the first season to feature two wildcard contestants entering the game, along with the first male wildcard to enter the game.
    • It is also the first season to feature returning players from other seasons as wildcard contestants.
  • Every season thus far has had a female enter as a wildcard contestant.
  • Pinoy Big Brother 2 is the first season to feature this twist as Secret Housemates.
  • Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited used a lottery machine for choosing the Wildcard contestant among the Top 30 Potential Housemates instead of public voting.
  • Big Brother All-Stars and Big Brother: Over The Top also had twists involving voting houseguests into the game that were very similar to the Wildcard twist.
    • BBAS/BB7 had half of their All-Star houseguests voted in by the fans, with the other half being chosen by producers.
    • BBOTT had two Returning Players (Jason Roy and Jozea Flores) who were eligible to be voted in as the final houseguest, similar to the Canadian Wildcard twist. The only difference is, the joined the game on the first night along with the other houseguests, rather than joining in at a later point in the game. Jason ended up winning the vote and was sent into the game as the final houseguest.
  • Pinoy Big Brother 7 also had a Wildcard twist during the Dream Team chapter of the season.
    • Two of the Lucky 7 Housemates from the previous three batches of the season competed in a series of challenges to be able to join the 4th Slot of their respective teams for the Dream Team.
  • In Pinoy Big Brother: Otso, the twist became part of the season's main theme where a set of wildcard contestants called as "Star Dreamers" were sent to Camp Star Hunt where they would compete in a Housemate Selection process every week to move into the Big Brother House, replacing the evicted housemate of the week.
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