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Wildcard Competition is a competition that was introduced in Big Brother 23. The three teams that are not immune for the week will each select one competitor. Those three houseguests will then compete for immunity; if they win, they will be given the option to take safety, while the rest of their team remains vulnerable for nomination and eviction. Similar to the Den of Temptation, if the winner decides to accept safety for the week, it will result in a punishment that may affect them, their team, or the entire house.

This twist lasted for the first four weeks of that season.


Week 1

List of the Wildcard Competitions

Week Competition Players Winner Consequence Decision
1 "Do Not Disturb" Christian Birkenberger
Christian Birkenberger
Spin a wheel to determine how many teammates will be given immunity.
Yes!.png Wheel landed on 1; Christian chose to give immunity to Xavier Prather.
Hannah Chaddha
Kyland Young
2 "BB Flying Colors" Brent Champagne
Sarah Beth Steagall
Switch teams with a member of the HOH's team. No!.png Sarah Beth chose not to switch teams with a member of the Queens.
Frenchie French
Sarah Beth Steagall
3 "Unlucky 13" Britini D'Angelo
Tiffany Mitchell
Give the other teams an opportunity to have one member immune via a game of chance. No!.png Tiffany chose not to accept and give the Aces and the Jokers an opportunity to have a member immune.
Derek Xiao
Tiffany Mitchell
4 "Olive Shook-Up" Azah Awasum
Claire Rehfuss
Take safety for your entire team for the current week, or take safety for yourself until the jury phase begins. Yes!.png Claire chose to keep herself safe until jury, which began at the Final 11, keeping herself safe for an extra week.
Claire Rehfuss
Whitney Williams


  • Alyssa Lopez, Derek Frazier and Xavier Prather are the only houseguests who made it to the end of the Wildcard Competition phase without playing in one.
    • Alongside Travis Long, these are the only four houseguests who never played in a Wildcard Competition.
  • Due to never winning an HOH, the Aces are the only team to have had all four members play in a Wildcard Competition, however none of them won one.
    • The Jokers also lost all Wildcard Competitions they played in, while the Kings won both that they played in.
  • The Queens and Kings have the most Wildcard wins, with two each.


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