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What Did They Just Do? is a recurring Head of Household and Power of Veto competition.


The houseguests have to watch a video or performance just before the competition begins, and then answer questions about what they saw.


The Competition made its debut in Big Brother 7where, shortly before the Competition began, they were shown clips from the first 4 competitions which they were then quizzed on, having to answer either 'A' or 'B.' James Rhine won the competition.

In Big Brother 10, with the same set-up as in season 7, the competition returned in the traditional Final 4 format of the houseguests standing in a circle, having to move forward to answer true or backward to answer false. Dan Gheesling won the competition.

The competition appeared with the exact same format from season 10 in Big Brother 14where Danielle Murphree won the Competition.

The competition appeared twice in Big Brother 17The first time, the houseguests watched a live, 90s dance performance and were asked true or false questions about the scene, and Liz Nolan and Shelli Poole won HOH. A variant of the competition then appeared during the second Double Eviction week of the season, where the houseguests were asked to watch clips of the road trip adventure the first 6 evicted houseguests went on, about which they were then quizzed through a series of true or false questions. Liz Nolan won once again.

In Big Brother: Over The Top, during the Double Eviction, just before the Competition began, the houseguests had to watch a video advertising products from the BB Shoping Network, and memorize details from the clip. Danielle Lickey won this competition.

In Big Brother 19the season 17 version returned, but instead of watching a dance performance, the houseguests had to watch a live magic show with rapidly changing costumes. Alex Ow won HOH.

The OTT version reappeared in Big Brother 20this time having the houseguests watch a video about the new Big Brother product launch. Scottie Salton won the competition.

In Celebrity Big Brother 2the competition saw 2 more uses. The first aligned with the season 17 and 19 versions, this time having the houseguests watch a live skit from Gallagher involving the smashing of watermelons, which Lolo Jones won. Then, the competition inexplicably appeared as a Power of Veto competition during a double eviction, where the houseguests had to watch a sitcom and answer questions about the show. Tamar Braxton won this competition.

The competition saw 2 more uses in Big Brother 21the first having the houseguests watch virtual fireworks and being asked true or false questions about the showing, which Jack Matthews won, and the second allowing the houseguests an extended amount of time to study an expo hosting many details to be studied. The houseguests were quizzed on what they saw and Jessica Milagros won the game.

In Big Brother 24, a competition titled "Fashion Fest" showed Julie Chen-Moonves dancing and changing various outfits instantly while the song, Sunroof, from Nicky Youre and Dazy played.

List of What Did They Just Do? Competitions[]

United States[]



Season Week Name Variant Winner
7 3 "Pay Attention"
James Rhine
10 9 "Freeze Frame"
Dan Gheesling
14 10 "Photographic Memory"
Danielle Murphree
17 4 "Bustin' Moves"
Liz Nolan
Shelli Poole
10 "BB Road Trip"
Liz Nolan
OTT 6 "Big Brother Shopping Network"
Danielle Lickey
19 7 "Hocus Focus"
Alex Ow
20 3 "Product Launch"
Scottie Salton
21 2 "BB Fireworks Quiztacular"
Jack Matthews
6 "Camp Expo"
Jessica Milagros
22 2 "Big Brother Watch Party"
Memphis Garrett
23 3 "Tom Talks BB"
Xavier Prather
9 "Crash, Boom, Pow"
Hannah Chaddha
24 4 "Trippy Watch Party"
Daniel Durston
Kyle Capener
9 "Laser Focus"
Matt Turner
11 "Fashion Fest"
Taylor Hale
25 6 "Name That Toot"
Cameron Hardin
14 "Chenbot Volume #1"
Bowie Jane Ball


Season Day Name Variant Winner
2 20 "Smashing Success"
Lolo Jones
24 "Cousins"
Tamar Braxton
3 13 "Marry Me"
Shanna Moakler



Season Week Name Variant Winner
7 5 "I Spy"
Samantha Picco
10 5 "Legends of the Doors"
Jess Gowling
12 7 "Race to the Sum"
Victoria Woghiren

Celebrity (Quebec)[]

Season Week Name Variant Winner
1 7 "What Did They Just Do?"
François Lambert
2 7 "Desperate Celebrities"
Claudia Bouvette
3 5 "Completely Celebrities"
Liliane Blanco-Binette
4 8 "Family Delivery"
Joëlle Paré-Beaulieu


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