Whacktivity Competition is a challenge where the winner wins a special power.

It debuted in Big Brother 21, where the fifteen remaining houseguests must decide which Whacktivity they would like to play in, either Nightmare, Panic, or Chaos. Each week, a different Whacktivity will be played, with only five houseguests playing per week. The winner will receive a game-changing power.


Season Week Competition
21 1 Nightmare
"This Stinks"
Ovi Kabir
2 Chaos
"For Goodness Snakes"
Jack Matthews
3 Panic
"Madagascar Mayhem"
Christie Murphy


  • The Chaos and Panic Powers were the unchosen Re-Draw and Upgrade Power Apps from the BB App Store from Big Brother 20 (US).
  • Due to Camp Comeback, if a player who won a power gets evicted, they regain the power if they return to the game.
  • David Alexander was the only houseguest not to select a Whacktivity to participate in, due to being evicted before selections were made.
    • Kemi Fakunle was the only houseguest to be evicted before their turn to play in the Whacktivity that they selected.
  • Ovi Kabir is the only contestant to win a Whacktivity Competition and be evicted in the same week.
  • Christie Murphy is the only female to win a Whacktivity Competition.
  • All three powers were all taken out of play in different ways:
    • The Nightmare Power was made dormant when Ovi was evicted, and eliminated from the game entirely once he failed to return from Camp Comeback.
    • The Chaos Power was the only power to be activated, with Jack successfully using it.
    • The Panic Power went unused by Christie and thus expired.
  • All three powers are flawed and do not guarantee the user the desired result:
    • The Nightmare Power doesn't guarantee immunity to the user unless they are the one on the block and also cannot be used after the PoV Meeting, leaving the user susceptible to a renomination.
    • The Chaos Power doesn't guarantee that the user gets drawn during the second PoV player selection, or it could cause them to lose their spot if they were in the first selection but not the second. It also does not prevent the same person, including the redraw target, from being drawn in either selection.
    • The Panic Power doesn't guarantee the user the Diamond Power of Veto unless they are the regular Veto Holder the same week they use it. It also does not grant the user safety, so the person who holds the Diamond Power of Veto could still nominate the user unless the user is HoH or has immunity.
      • The flaws of the Nightmare and Chaos Powers came into effect. Ovi was backdoored in Week 1 and could not use the Nightmare Power to save himself, ultimately leading to his eviction. When Jack activated the Chaos Power in Week 4, the main person he was targeting with it, Sam Smith, ended up getting drawn again in the second selection, although neither Sam nor Jack won the Power of Veto that week.

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