The War Room was a Twistos Twist that took place in Big Brother Canada 2. It played a huge part in the different stages of the game.

But even though many different twists happened during the game, only two players were able to enter the room, Allison White and Neda Kalantar.

List of Twists

  • Secret House Guests
  • Secret Power of Veto
  • Instant Eviction
  • Strategy Session
  • A Chance To Spend Time With a Loved One

Secret House Guests

On Day 8, three house guests were put inside of a secret room inside of the house: Allison White, Nate Sandriphoto, and Scott Bosse. They soon found out that the game already started with 14 other people without them. Arisa then told them that they would then spend a week inside of the room and Canada would vote which one of them would be the final house guest. After the week inside of the War Room, Allison was selected as the Final House Guest. She entered the house shortly after.

Secret Power of Veto

For more information, See Secret Power of Veto.

Instant Eviction

For more information, See Instant Eviction.

Strategy Session

After Kenny's eviction, Arisa announced that when the fan meter hit 20 million, a house guest could win a strategy session with Jillian MacLaughlin and Emmett Blois from season 1.

Two weeks later, the numbers appeared on the screen again, they hit 20 million and unleashed the next twist. At the final six veto challenge, Neda came out victorious and was then sequestered in the Diary Room. She was informed of her prize and immediately left. As soon as she walked out the door to the War Room was revealed as Emmett and Jillian were waiting there for her.

A Chance To Spend Time With a Loved One

In Week 9 after the Power of Veto competition, each House Guest was called down to the Living Room and was given an option. The following house guest would have to give up the following in exchange for a 2:00 visit from a loved one. After many quick decisions, all of the house guests said "Yes" to the opportunity and visited their loved one inside the War Room with a barrier between them.

For receiving a visit from their loved ones, the house guest received the following punishments:

House Guest Punishment
Sabrina No Food For A Week
Heather Cannot Enter the HOH Room For A Week
Adel Must Stay Awake for 36 Hours
Neda Must Give Up All Belongs
Jon Solitary Confinement for 24 Hours
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