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| rowspan="4" | 10
| rowspan="4" | 10
|[[Saffia Corden]]
|[[Saffia Corden]]
|''She had an argument with [[Sophia Brown]].''
|''She had an argument with [[Sophia Brown]] and missed her baby.''
|[[Kenneth Tong]]
|[[Kenneth Tong]]
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|[[Laura McAdam]]
|[[Laura McAdam]]
|''Had trouble adusting to cameras.''
|''Had trouble adjusting to cameras.''
| rowspan="2" | 12
| rowspan="2" | 12
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|[[Jemma Palmer]]
|[[Jemma Palmer]]
|''Felt like the relationship between her sister [[Faye Palmer]] and [[Aaron Allard-Morgan]] wouldn't improve while she was in the house.''
|''She couldn’t cope all the stuff''
| rowspan="1" | 13
| rowspan="1" | 13

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Walking also known as Voluntary Exit and Self-Eviction is the rare occasion when a contestant chooses to leave the game early or quits the show, eliminating him or herself and leaving the Big Brother House.

In the U.S., houseguests that walk are ineligible to win America's Favorite Houseguest and are banned from attending the finale (Dick Donato being an exception).

List of Walkers



Season Contestant Reason Left
1 Red Symons Unknown.


Season Contestant Reason left
3 Belinda Thorpe Broad negativity amongst the household and realizing her own internalized anger.
8 Rima Hadchiti She broke her leg during a live task.
9 Josh Moore His parents informed him that his brother had passed away.
10 Nathan Little He gave up his place in the house to Madaline Cogar, who was about to be evicted.
12 Kieran Davidson Was bribed with $15,344 to leave the game.


Season Contestant Reason Left
3 Dilson Walkarez Left after being rejected by Juliana Alves.
5 Marielza Santos Medical reasons.
9 Leonardo Jancu Unknown.
13 Kléber de Paula Left due to fears of his mental state deteriorating.
15 Tamires Peixoto She was feeling homesick and did not feel well being confined.
16 Alan Lopes Left after his father was hospitalized.



Season Contestant Reason Left
1 Dimitar Kazalov Unknown.
6 Emanuela Tsvetkova Missing home.


Season Contestant Reason Left
1 Dimitar Kazalov To save Anelia Ivanova from eviction.
Veneta Mileva-Ilieva Suffered from a nervous breakdown.
2 Silva Bratanova Unknown.
Radoslav Stoyanov Unknown.
3 Plamen Varbanov Felt unhappy in the house.
Mariola Indzhova Unknown.
Eva Miteva Missed her daughter.
4 Angelina Angelova Unknown.
5 Plamen Dimitrov He was hospitalized after suffering an injury.


Season Contestant Reason Left
1 Massimo Leoman Unhappy about the low budget in the house.
Kristiana Andreeva Unhappy about the low budget in the house.


Season Contestant Reason Left
1 Vesela Neynski Had several arguments with the other housemates.
Galya Litova Was overwhelmed that she was competing with her ex-fiancé Dicho Hristov.
Lyubomir Milchev Unknown.
Galina Kurdova Unknown.
2 Veselin Danov Was unhappy that Hristina Stefanova entered the house.
Vasil Boyanov Unknown.
3 Antonia Petrova Unknown.
Emil Koshlukov Unknown.
Anya Pencheva After a conflict involving her and fellow housemate Ivalya Bakalova.
5 Angel Rashkov Unknown.
6 Konstantin Papazov Reached a breaking point in the house.
7 Petya Ivanova Unknown.
8 Georgi Sofkin Felt unhappy in the house.
9 Maria Kirova She was not enjoying her time in the house.
10 Yana Akimova-Dimitrova Found out that one of her kids was ill.
Ivan Glavchev After viewers protested him being in the house.
Veselin Plachkov Felt depressed in the house.


Season Contestant Reason Left
4 Ramsey Aburaneh His father had a heart attack and needed surgery.
8 Nico Vera He felt isolated in the house and did not want to know the vote between him and Susanne Fuda.


Season Contestant Reason Left
1 Naama Friedmann Was shunned by the rest of the house after surviving two evicitons.
2 Moti Khudeda Left after his wife Ma'ayan was ejected.
Bentsi Shani Unknown.
Edna Kaneti Medical issues.
4 Barry Simon Zohar Unknown.
Dudu Kapara Unknown.
Aviv Silber Unknown.
5 Karin Ben Galim Unknown.
VIP 2 Israel Goodovitch Unknown.
7 Flory Elkaslassi Family emergency.
Shahar Hefetz Unknown.
Arbel Kaynan Left after injuring her ankle due to a fall.
Shay Hay Kicked an art installation made by Or Sujunov after claims of verbal abuse towards him, his girlfriend Tania Gerber, and close friend Itzik Carasenti.
Tania Gerber Left following Shay Hay's departure.
Itzik Carasenti
9 Tay Sharky Left to receive medical attention and decided not to return to the house.
Tammy Montag Left due to serious family issues.
Liron Ofir Left due to homesickness and missing his partner.
Eli Zarka Walked after missing his family.


Season Contestant Reason Left
2 Laura Marinelli Couldn't handle the cameras.
Filipo Nardi Was homesick and felt extreme stress.
3 Fedro Francioni Was informed that his aunt passed away.
6 Lucio Calligarich Wanted his life back and expressed displeasure with the nomination process.
9 Daniela Martani Was told that she was at risk of losing her job.
10 Gianluca Bedin Undisclosed family issues.
11 Giordana Sali Received medical treatment. Later returned to the house.
Rosy Maggiulli Missed her life outside of the house.
12 Mirko D'Arpa Was accused of exaggerating problems with his girlfriend by co-host Alfonso Signorini for drama and left to resolve them.
Danilo Novelli Missed his girlfriend.
Rudolf Mernone Had a communications breakdown with production and host Alessia Marcuzzi.
Gaetano De Robertis Received medical treatment following an "accident" in the house.
14 Giovanni Angiolini Work commitments.
VIP 3 Maurizio Battista Personal reasons.
16 Jessica Mazzoli Hospitalized for medical purposes. Doctors later declared her unfit to return to the house.
VIP 4 Carlotta Maggiorana No longer wanted to be in the house.
Barbara Alberti Personal reasons.
Andrea Montovoli Reached a breaking point.
Adriana Volpe After her father-in-law contracted the COVID-19 virus.


Season Contestant Reason Left
Season 1 Jenny Suico Decided to leave the house after her father was sent to the hospital. She was able to return after getting enough public votes in the Back To The House twist.
Celebrity Edition 1 Angela Calina Her apartment in her hometown was burglarized.
Roxanne Barcelo Her university failed to allow Pinoy Big Brother to film her Graduation Rites while still competing as a housemate.
Rustom Padilla Thought that his purpose of staying in the house ended after coming out as gay.
Teen Edition 1 Aldred Gatchalian Felt homesick and had a difficult time adjusting inside the house.
Celebrity Edition 2 Mcoy Fundales Didn't want to continue playing anymore after having a huge argument with Big Brother due to lack of clarity in the rules of a task. The day after his exit, Big Brother acknowledged he was in the wrong and apologized to Mcoy, the latter of which accepted.
Ethel Booba Felt confusion in her stay inside the house. She decided to leave with Mcoy Fundales.
Gladys Guevarra She felt bored in the house and she missed her boyfriend.
Yayo Aguila Her mother passed away. She was able to return on Day 70 but was evicted the day after.
Teen Edition Plus Linda Backlund Wanted to spend more time with her entire family.
Kevin Garcia-Flood Failed to handle what his fellow housemates saw against him.
Double Up JP Lagumbay His work status was marked as a "AWOL" and didn't want to lose his job.
Rocky Salumbides Missing his Celebrity girlfriend, Eula Valdez and wanting to spend Christmas with her.
Unlimited Jaz Manabat Unknown
Lyn Bagiosa Her Mother passed away.
737 Kyle Secades He had a difficult time adjusting to the environment in the house and wasn't used to being away from his family.
Jessica Marasigan Her beloved grandmother passed away.
Jyo Yokoyama He wants cigarettes.
Season 7 Chacha Balba She missed her family and daughter. She gave up her place to Hideo Muraoka who was supposed to be evicted.

Heaven Peralejo

Big Brother informed her that her mother was sent to a hospital for a brain surgery and she wanted to be at her side.

Yassi Pressman

She did not explicitly give a reason as to why she left. She gave up her place to Elisse Joson who was supposed to be evicted.
Season 8 Missy Quino As she was the last to cross-over from the Camp Star Hunt, she felt a lack of motivation to continue to compete against houseguests that had been in the house for a longer period of time than her.


Season Contestant Reason Left
1 Karolina Pachniewicz Unknown.
2 Karolina Jakubik Unknown.
3 Wojciech Bernacki Unknown.
Katarzyna Woźna Unknown.
4 Gerard Seczkowski Walked after missing his family.
5 Monika Goździalska Unknown.
Marcin Miller Unknown.
Sasha Strunin Unknown.
Monika Olszanowska Unknown.
6 Daniel Barłóg No longer wanting to participate in the game.
Marlena Klimczyk Missing her children.
Justyna Żak Walked after no longer being able to connect with other housemates.
Paweł Grigoruk Walked after girlfriend Justyna walked from the game.
7 Dawid Łojewski Walked after getting locked in a secret room for participating in a fight.
Ewa Kępys Walked after missing Natalia Dawidowska to a breaking point.

Portugal (BB)


Season Contestant Reason Left
1 Julie Sergeant Unknown
Cinha Jardim Unknown
Zé Maria Seleiro Unknown
2 Rita Ribeiro Unknown
3 Marta Melro Walked due to personal reasons.
Liliana Queiroz Felt like the pressure of the house exceeded her limits.
Francisco Macau Felt like he could no longer live with Fanny Rodrigues.


Season Contestant Reason Left
2 Sérgio Vicente Unknown
3 Liliana Aguiar Walked after fellow housemate Lourenço was evicted.
4 Zé José Monteiro Unknown
Telmo Amaral Tired of being in the house.
Lara Mestre Walked after missing her son.
5 Sónia Jesus Walked after becoming fed up with Big Brother after he gave her an automatic nomination.

Portugal (SS)


Season Contestant Reason Left
1 Alexandra Ferreira Walked after fellow housemate Wilson Teixeira was evicted.
2 Alexandra Ferreira Received a message from her boyfriend that she was needed outside of the house.
3 Diogo Marcelino Felt like he could give nothing more to the game.


Season Contestant Reason Left
2 Nádia Carrasco Unknown.
4 Tierry Vilson Unknown.
Bruno Nunes Walked after breaking a camera.
5 Célia Mota Walked after feeling too stressed to be in the house.
6 Fábio Almeida Walked after learning a close family member passed away.



Season Contestant Reason Left
1 Silvia Casado Left after her showmance Israel Pita was evicted.
Nacho Rodríguez Found out his father passed away.
Jorge Berrocal No longer wanted to be in the house without his fiancé María José Galera.
Mónica Ruíz Her past as a prostitute was revealed in a magazine.
3 Óscar Muela Unknown.
4 María Moratilla Unknown.
6 Mercedes García Unknown.
Ángel Díaz Unknown.
Sandra Crespo Unknown.
7 Beatriz Gómez Lack of tobacco and was not getting along with her other housemates.
9 Maite Franco Didn't feel comfortable.
Rebeca Franco Got into an argument with Amor Romeira.
David Corsín Unknown.
Dadi Mehad Was informed that his father-in-law was ill.
Amor Romeira Unknown.
11 Lis Valenzuela Had a heated argument with Laura Selva and was shunned by the rest of the spy housemates.
13 David García Was experiencing homesickness.
15 José Casacuberta Felt that he was not integrated with the group.
17 Pablo Rodríguez Left after being fake evicted.
Bárbara Cañuelo Left following a heated altercation with Fernando Espinar.
18 Laura Velasco Got into a major argument with the rest of the house after being accused of cheating during the weekly task.


Season Contestant Reason Left
VIP 2 Kiko Matamoros Unknown.
VIP 3 Kiko Rivera Unknown.
VIP 4 Carmen López Unknown.
Julián Contreras Jr. Unknown.
Belén Roca Unknown.
Alejandro Nieto Unknown.
VIP 6 Oriana Marzoli She didn’t want to stay in the house .


Season Contestant Reason Left
2 Kate Hirunchanachoke Felt that the other housemates were being lazy and not helping.



Season Contestant Reason Left
3 Germaine Greer She thought producers favored others and people behaved wrongly towards others.
5 Donny Tourette He did not want to wait on Jade Goody hand and foot.
Ken Russell He had an argument with Jade Goody and her family.
Leo Sayer He was not provided clean underwear.
6 Mutya Buena Unknown
14 Claire King She received medical treatment.
15 Alexander O'Neal He had an ongoing conflict with Perez Hilton.
17 Jonathan Cheban He suffered claustrophobia and anxiety while being in the house.
David Gest Medical reasons.
Angie Bowie She suffered anxiety days after being told of her ex-husband's death.
19 Ray J He had emergency dental surgery.
Brandon Block He was not enjoying his time.
20 Trisha Paytas She had a breakdown and felt everyone else was fake.
22 Roxanne Pallett Left after accusing Ryan Thomas of punching her in the ribs.


Season Contestant Reason Left
3 Sunita Sharma She was tired of being in the house.
Sandy Cumming He was just bored of the house.
6 Orlaith McAllister Claimed she was bullied by Derek Laud.
7 Shahbaz Chauhdry He threatened to commit suicide due to bullying.
George Askew He wanted his life to stay private.
8 Lesley Brain She was bored while in the house.
Jonathan Durden Death of a family member.
Chanelle Hayes She and Charley Uchea argued non-stop.
9 Maysoon Shaladi Was not comfortable after entering halfway through.
10 Saffia Corden She had an argument with Sophia Brown and missed her baby.
Kenneth Tong Unknown
Tom Oliver Found it boring, did not want to be a part of it.
Isaac Stout Left after his ex-girlfriend Noirin Kelly was evicted.
11 Shabby Katchadourian She had an argument with Nathan Dunn.
CG She felt she had been a "lesbian sidekick".
Keeley Johnson She received treatment for an ankle injury.
Laura McAdam Had trouble adjusting to cameras.
12 Mark Henderson He claimed he couldn't handle the cameras.
Jemma Palmer Felt like the relationship between her sister Faye Palmer and Aaron Allard-Morgan wouldn't improve while she was in the house.
13 Conor McIntyre He received an offer for £50,000.
15 Kimberly Kisselovich She received medical treatment.
17 Victoria Jensen Was not around living creatures.
18 Arthur Fulford Did not want to become a victim due to bullying.
Sukhvinder Javeed She wanted to leave with her husband, Imran.
19 Kay Lovelle She was mentally exhausted due to numerous arguments.


Season Contestant Reason Left
Ultimate Josie Gibson She decided the experience was too overwhelming.


Season Contestant Reason left
9 Neil Garcia A close relative was killed in a shooting.
13 Dick Donato He found out he was HIV-positive.
19 Megan Lowder She suffered a severe anxiety attack caused by PTSD.



Ways of Leaving
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