Vote to Save is the normal process of voting on evictions, used by various Big Brother series internationally.

This process is considered as the reversed format of Vote to Evict, the format used on the first ever Big Brother season.

The Vote to Save has been adapted by Big Brother series around the world, most notably used by Pinoy Big Brother and later adapted by the revival of Big Brother Australia as their main voting format, garnering thousands of SMS votes every week.

The Process

Through SMS or online, the viewers will vote among the nominees on who they wanted to stay longer inside the house. The nominee who gathered the least amount of save votes from the public will then be evicted out of the Big Brother house. a vote will take some minutes or sometimes lasts overnight. When the voting is over the host is holding the results of the voting results, then tells who are the persons are saved for this week and the last mentioned is either saved or evicted.

Finale Version - Vote to Win

A special version of this process is called Vote to Win, only applicable on every finale week, wherein instead of voting to save a housemate, the public will then vote for the housemate on who they wanted to win Big Brother. The housemate with the highest percentage of votes will become the winner.

This special process is applicable for all finalist housemates, making all the final housemates nominated by default.

Big Brother (U.S.) & Big Brother Canada

Although the "Vote to Save" process do not appear on the North American version of Big Brother, the "Vote to Win" process appear in the American and Canadian version but is used by the Jury members in the finale instead of the viewers.

In rare occasion like Big Brother 1 (US) and Big Brother: Over The Top Finales, the "Vote to Win" process was used by the viewers instead of a Jury.


  • Beatriz Saw of Pinoy Big Brother 2 got 1,571,556 actual votes on the finale night, the highest recorded number of actual SMS votes in the history of Big Brother series.
  • Alina Cristina of Big Brother Brazil 5 and Nagore Robles of Gran Hermano 11 (Spain) tied in the highest percentage of votes to win received in the history of Big Brother at 95% of their actual votes.

Voting Processes
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