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Vote to Nominate is a special twist on the nomination process that appeared in various seasons of Big Brother around the world. The said twist first appeared in Big Brother Australia and eventually adapted by international franchises such as Big Brother U.S., Pinoy Big Brother and recently Big Brother UK

It gives the viewers more power by giving them a chance to nominate a housemate for eviction.

The Process[]

Original Process[]

The viewers will be given a chance via SMS to nominate a housemate they want to put up for eviction. Aside from the nominees for the week, all non-nominated Housemates are eligible to be nominated by the public and whoever received the most public votes will automatically complete the week's set of nominees.

Alternate Process[]

In more recent seasons, the viewers could log in online to the series' website where they could vote for their favorite housemate. Every week, the least favorite housemate would be the viewer's nominee and will complete the week's set of nominees.

Big Brother (U.S.)[]

The concept of the twist was first introduced in Big Brother (U.S.) appearing in Big Brother 15 as a minor sub-twist called,"America's Nominee" which was part of the MVP twist of the season.

It later appeared in Big Brother: Over The Top where it became a major part of the season's gameplay which gave the viewers more power and involvement in the show for the first time since Big Brother 1.


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