Vote to Evict is the original voting process on evictions, first used in Big Brother 1 (Netherlands).

This type of voting process has been used in various Big Brother series around the world as their main format of evicting a nominated housemate, most notably used by Big Brother (UK).

The reversed format of this process is the Vote to Save.

The Process

Through SMS or online, the viewers will vote among the nominees on who they think should be evicted. The nominee with the highest amount of evict votes will be the one to be leave the house.

American Version

A revised format of this process was adapted in Big Brother 2 (US) which later followed by Big Brother Canada. Instead of a public audience casting their votes to evict a nominee, it would be the Houseguests that would decide on who among the nominees will be evicted.


  • In Big Brother 1 (US), this voting process is called "Vote to Banish".
  • In Big Brother Brazil 21, the record of the highest percentage on Vote to Evict was broken twice. Nego Di was evicted with 98.76% of the votes, and in the following week, Karol Conká received 99.17%.

Voting Processes
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