Niña Vivoree Esclito was a teen housemate in Pinoy Big Brother 7.


Before joining Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7, Vivoree, is a regular Grade 10 student in Bohol. Her mother is a public elementary school teacher while her father is a seaman. She is the eldest of three kids.

Describing herself as confident, the 16-year-old teen housemate said she joined PBB as this is her dream.

When asked why she should be the Big Winner, she answered, “Because I know that I possess some things that people expect from a teenager nowadays,” which include being confident and responsible.

According to Vivoree, her motto in life is, “Life is bittersweet.” When asked about her personal talents, she said, “I sing, I dance, I sometimes act and then I play sports.”

For Vivoree, love is God, God is love, family is everything and youth is hope.

Player History - Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7

Teen History

Task History

Week 5 Lucky 7 Part 1 Win
Week 6 Lucky 7 Part 2 Win
Week 7 Lucky 7 Part 3 Loss
Week 8 Lucky 7 Part 4 Win
Week 9 Lucky 7 Part 5 Win
Week 10 Weekly Task Loss
Week 11 Weekly Task Win
Week 12 Weekly Task Win
Week 13 Weekly Task Loss
Week 14 Lucky 7 Part 6 Win
Week 15 Lucky 7 Part 7 Win

Competition History

Week 5 No Competitions
Week 6 No Competitions
Week 7 Eviction (via Ligtask) Ineligible
Padaluck Ineligible
Week 8 Eviction (via Ligtask) Ineligible
Padaluck Ineligible
Week 9 Eviction (via Ligtask) Ineligible
Padaluck Ineligible
Week 10 No Competitions
Week 11 Eviction (via Ligtask) Ineligible
Padaluck Ineligible
Week 12 Eviction (via Ligtask) Win
Padaluck Win
Week 13 No Competitions
Week 14 Ligtask Loss
Week 15 Ligtask Loss

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
7 2-Christian Morones
1-Aizan Perez
8 2-Rita Gaviola
1-Christian Morones
9 2-Heaven Peralejo
1-Christian Morones
1-Kristine Hammond 1 point
10 2-Christian Morones
1-Edward Barber
11 No Nominations
12 2-Christian Morones
1-Maymay Entrata
2-Kristine Hammond
1-Yong Muhajil
1-Kisses Delavin
4 points
13 No Nominations
14 2-Kisses Delavin
1-Christian Morones
2-Kisses Delavin
1-Edward Barber
1-Christian Morones
1-Yong Muhajil
5 points
15 Nomination Competition
Ranking Nominations
22 points


  • On Week 9, after their Salon Business Lucky Task, Vivoree had a special makeover where in her facial hair was removed and she got a new hairstyle.
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