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Vivien "Vivi" Szilágyi the winner of Való Világ 10.


Vivi Szilágyi Biography
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Full name: Vivien Szilágyi
Age: 21 years old
Place of birth: Martfű
Marital status: single
Education: graduation
Occupation: family business
Number of children: no children
Height: 173 cm
Body weight: 68 kg
Pets: she has a mini Yorkshire terrier
Phobias: afraid of snakes
Personal object: a photo of her mom
What else you should know about it:
She likes to party, but if she doesn't feel like a guy, she picks up the fake wedding ring to wear off the guys
She has 9 tattoos
She gets along better with boys than with girls[1]

Player's History - Való Világ 10[]

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 No Nominations Nominated
2 Bálint Filipánics Digo Piancatelli
Fru Tímár
4 Gábor Kazári
6 Amanda Fazekas Amanda Fazekas
Gina Fehér
Renátó Bakonyi
7 Gina Fehér
9 Renátó Bakonyi
11 Fru Tímár Bálint Filipánics
Fru Tímár
Moh Szlépka
Robi Ollári
13 Merci Balázs Ineligible
14 Dani Kovács
15 Merci Balázs Robi Ollári
Moh Szlépka Merci Balázs
Moh Szlépka
No Nominations Winner



  1. VV Vivi (in Hungarian) (13 November 2020). Retrieved on 13 November 2020.
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