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Victor Arroyo III was a HouseGuest on Big Brother 18.

After the veteran players were revealed, Victor, along with Paul and Jozea, made a pact to get rid of the veterans. However, the veterans managed to get some of the new players on their side and blindside Jozea at the end of Week 1. The next week, Victor won the Roadkill Competition, but at the PoV ceremony, Head of Household Paulie named him as the replacement nominee. Ultimately, Victor was evicted by a vote of 9–1–0.

However, after he was evicted, Victor won the Battle Back Competition and re-entered the game during Week 5. He rejoined with Paul, and the two formed an alliance called The Sitting Ducks. Victor managed to prove that he was a force to be reckoned with, as he managed to win several competitions which included two Head of Households, one Power of Veto, and he managed to get revenge on Paulie and take out his showmance and Paulie. However, during Week 9, Victor was nominated by his allies Natalie and Michelle, and James Huling who was the swing vote cast the deciding vote against him so he was evicted by a vote of 2 to 1.

However, Victor made Big Brother history when he won the jury re-entry competition and became the first HouseGuest to come back twice in the same season. Victor once again reunited with Paul, and they formed a final four alliance with Nicole and Corey. He also managed to win HOH and get revenge on his former ally James by evicting his showmance partner, Natalie. However, in Week 12, Victor was betrayed by Nicole and Corey when they teamed up with James and HOH Corey nominated him alongside Paul for eviction. After Nicole won the PoV, she left the nominations the same, thus sealing his fate. Ultimately, he was evicted by a vote of 2–0, thus permanently eliminating him for the third and final time. He placed fifth and became the seventh member of the Jury.

Because of his funny personality and constant underdog position in the house, Victor has become one of the most popular contestants of his season. On finale night, Victor won America's Favorite Houseguest, beating out James and Natalie.


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Age: 25
Hometown: Slidell, LA
Current city: Slidell, LA
Occupation: Gym manager
Three adjectives that describe you: Smart, sexy, and fit.
Favorite activities: Working out, playing soccer, and [taking] trips with my friends. Those are the things I love to do, but more than that, I love women. I'm always looking for the next girl to talk to and I'm never satisfied with what I have; I'm always wanting more.
What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house? Being disconnected from the outside world and not knowing what my family and friends are up to, or what’s going on in the world, like the race for president, social media, etc. Not being in-the-know will definitely aggravate me. Also, being one Google search away from proving someone wrong will be the hardest thing, ever.
Do you have a strategy for winning the game? I’m not entirely sure what I will do. Wooing the girls and having them like me is on the list. I want to underplay how smart I am and hopefully have them think I'm just a dumb guy that likes to lift and works at a gym. That might work in my favor since they will think I'm only good in physical challenges.
I want to be part of two alliances, but be loyal to one. That way, I don’t put all my eggs in one basket. I won’t change my personality though. I'll still be the funny guy that I am and do my best to stay on everyone’s good side, while slowly stabbing people in the back.
My life’s motto is… Get my money, develop my body, and get women.
What would you take into the house, and why? My flat bill hat because I always wear it—every day—and it’s a must with all this hair on my head. I’d also bring my stuffed toy, Ernie from Sesame Street, because I’ve had him since I was a child and he goes everywhere I go. He’s kind of like my good luck charm. Finally, all of my workout gear, including my supplements, wrist wraps, weight belt and headphones. I always need to be ready to lift.[1]

Player History - Big Brother 18

Competition History

Week 1 Immunity Win
HTR Part 1 Ineligible
HTR Part 2 Ineligible
HTR Part 3/HOH Ineligible
Roadkill Loss
POV Not Picked
Week 2 HOH Loss
Roadkill Win
POV Not Picked
Week 3 Battle Back Win
Week 4 Battle Back Win
Week 5 Battle Back/Re-Entry Re-Entered
HOH Loss
POV Not Picked
Week 6 HOH Loss
POV Loss
Week 7 HOH Win
POV Loss
HOH Previous HOH
POV Not Picked
Week 8 HOH Win
Week 9 Luxury Win
Luxury Win*
Have/Have-Not Have-Not
HOH Advantage Ineligible
HOH Previous HOH
POV Loss
Week 10 Re-Entry/HOH Re-Entered
POV Loss
Week 11 HOH Win
POV Loss
Week 12 HOH Previous HOH
POV Loss

Note: Victor didn't actually win the second luxury in Week 9, Paulie actually won that luxury. The reason why Victor was falsely given the luxury was that the "Big Brother County Fair" occurred when Paulie was still in the house. However, the Big Brother County Fair episode aired after Paulie's eviction, so the producers edited Paulie out of the episode completely.

Have/Have-Not History

Week 1 Have
Week 2 Have
Week 3 Evicted
Week 4
Week 5 Have
Week 6 Have
Week 7 Have
Week 8 Have
Week 9 Have-Not
Week 10 Have-Not
Week 11 Have
Week 12 Have/Have-Not Phase Over

Carepackage History

Week 1 Twist Not Active
Week 2
Week 3 Evicted
Week 4
Week 5 Twist Not Active
Week 6 Loss
Week 7 Loss
Week 8 Loss
Week 9 Loss
Week 10 Loss
Week 11 Care Package Phase Over
Week 12

Voting History

Week Position Voted for With Majority?
1 Immune Ineligible
Paulie Calafiore No
2 Roadkill Winner &
Post-POV Nominee
3 Evicted
5 Frank Eudy Yes
6 Da'Vonne Rogers Yes
Bridgette Dunning Yes
9 Nominated
10 Michelle Meyer
(BB Bribe)
11 HOH
12 Nominated
Finale Jury Member Paul Abrahamian No

HOH History

Original Nominees Post-Veto Nominees Intended Target
Week 7
Zakiyah Everette
Week 8
Paulie Calafiore
Week 11
Natalie Negrotti

Post Big Brother

Nicole & Victor's cast photo for The Amazing Race 31

BB20 Victor Nicole Proposal.JPG

  • Nicole and Victor visited the Big Brother 20 house on September 7, 2018, and while there, Victor proposed to Nicole and they got engaged.
    • They were joined by the final 7 houseguests and former houseguests Derrick Levasseur, Paul Abrahamian, Josh Martinez, Britney Haynes, Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones (offscreen).
    • Although Nicole and Victor were only dating when The Amazing Race 31 filmed, they were marketed as an engaged couple on the show, due to it airing after their engagement on season 20. That explains why Nicole isn't wearing her engagement ring and why Victor's hair is much longer on the show.
  • On January 8, 2019, Nicole and Victor revealed a new project of theirs: a podcast titled Coco Caliente.[5]
  • Victor appeared in Nicole F's intro package and Final Three message from home on Big Brother 22 (US). He also appeared during the finale, supporting Nicole in the end.
  • On January 10, 2021, Nicole and Victor revealed that Nicole is 11 weeks pregnant with their first child.[6][7]
    • On May 14, 2021, they announced that they were having a boy.[8] On July 23, 2021, Nicole and Victor welcome their son Victor "Arrow" Arroyo IV. [9]
  • Nicole and Victor got married on February 16, 2021.[10] Christmas Abbott, Josh Martinez and Memphis Garrett were in attendance.


Victor's Cast Photo for The Challenge: Vendettas


  • Victor was the first person in Big Brother 18 to win the Roadkill Competition and be nominated in the same week.
    • Alongside this, he is the first Roadkill to be evicted in the same week he won said competition. He would later be followed by Tiffany.
  • Victor the first Hispanic-American houseguest to win the America's Favorite Houseguest award.
  • Victor is the only houseguest in Big Brother 18 to win a Roadkill Competition and make the jury phase, although he had to return from a pre-jury eviction to do so.
  • Victor is the only houseguest outside of the 8-Pack alliance to win a Roadkill competition.
  • He is the second houseguest to win HOH twice in Big Brother 18, following Paulie Calafiore. However, he had to be evicted once and then return before he won his first two HOHs.
  • Victor was the first HouseGuest in Big Brother 18 to win HOH three times. He would later be followed by his alliance member, Paul Abrahamian. However, he had to be evicted and then return once again to win his third HOH.
  • Victor is the fourth American HouseGuest in Big Brother history to win HOH in the first part of a Double/Triple Eviction and then again after it happened. The other HouseGuests to accomplish this were Zach Swerdzewski, Ian Terry, and Nicole Franzel (even though she was dethroned the second time). He would later be followed by Shelby Stockton, Jackson Michie and Cody Calafiore.
  • Victor is the only HouseGuest to win a HOH, POV, and Roadkill competition in Big Brother 18.
  • Victor was evicted from the house every week he was nominated.
  • Victor is the only male in Big Brother 18 that won the PoV but did not use it at least once.
    • Paul, Paulie, and Corey have each used the PoV at least once.
  • Victor is the first houseguest as HOH to evict the HOH that initially evicted him. Paulie evicted him at first when he was HOH in Week 2, while Natalie evicted him when she was co-HOH during Week 9.
  • Victor is the first houseguest to return after being evicted twice in a single season.
  • Victor is the only houseguest guest to be evicted 3 times in one season.
  • Victor is the first pre-Jury evicted HouseGuest to win America's Favorite Houseguest, although he had returned and made it into the Jury stage after his pre-Jury eviction.
  • He is the fourth houseguest to return to the house from jury and not win HoH or be evicted immediately upon returning. The others being Judd Daugherty in BB15, Nicole Franzel in BB16 and John McGuire in BB17.
    • However, he and John are the only two to return right after they were evicted.
  • Victor is tied with James Zinkand, John McGuire and Cliff Hogg III for least amount of days spent evicted before re-entering the house, with all four players re-entering after being evicted earlier in the same day.
    • However, James and Cliff were brought back before the live show ended, whereas John re-entered 3 minutes after the live show ended, and Victor re-entered 40 minutes after the live show ended.
  • All three times Victor was evicted, he received votes from Nicole and James.
    • Ironically, Victor and Nicole dated after the show and are now married.
      • Further noted, he voted for Paul to win over his future wife.
    • Paul was the only one to never vote against Victor when he was nominated, as he was the only vote to keep Victor the first two times, and then was against Victor on the block for the third time.
  • Victor is one of 17 to compete in another CBS reality show aside from Big Brother. The others are Alison Irwin, Jeff Schroeder, Jordan Lloyd, Brendon Villegas,Rachel Reilly, Hayden Moss, Caleb Reynolds, Jeff Weldon, Jackie Ibarra, Cody Nickson, Jessica Graf, Janelle Pierzina, Britney Haynes, Elissa Slater, Nicole Franzel and Winston Hines.


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