Vesela Neynski is a contestant on VIP Brother 1 (Bulgaria) & Big Brother Bulgaria All-Stars 6.


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Born city: Sofia
Education: Two senior students
Age: 46 years
Zodiac: Scorpio
Family Status: Free
Occupation: Many are
Harmful habits: I say what I think!
Hobbies and interests: Tennis, windsurfing, astrology, alternative medicine, whiteness and other games.
Describe yourself in a few words: Highly emotional. Woven with contradictions that coexist well in me.
The best words they said about you: I love you!
What are you proud of: I am proud of my ancestors and my parents. I'm proud to be a Bulgarian. Sometimes I'm ashamed. I am proud that I have achieved everything in my life alone, relying on honest means and principles.
The three things you can not live with in the House: Telephone, Television, Book
Famous to the audience as a pianist, TV presenter, editor, opera singer mostly, actress, psychotherapist, astrologer.

Twelve years ago, he entered the House for the first time in the first edition, volunteering on the eighth day. Now he will play to the end. She is very emotional, non-standard, personality woven by opposites - she may be a muffler, a soldier, and a bitch, as long as she has the right motivation.

Vesela says that in some unknown way, the universe gives her information. So she managed to predict an earthquake, and her gift helped her to understand her partner's infidelity. She wants Big Brother to invite Grisho to become his personal sports psychologist, and in a year to see him as the top 1 of world tennis . [1]

Player's History - VIP Brother 1 (Bulgaria)

Task History

Week 1

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position

Player's History - Big Brother Bulgaria All-Stars 6

Task History

Week 1

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Albena Vuleva
Tsvetan Andreev
Albena Vuleva
Blagoy Georgiev & Zlatka Raykova
Emanuela Tsvetkova
Stanimir Gumov
Stefan Ivanov
Stoyko Sakaliev
Tsvetan Andreev
2 Albena Vuleva
Emanuela Tsvetkova
Emanuela Tsvetkova
Stanimir Gumov
Stefan Ivanov
Stoyko Sakaliev

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