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Vanya Kostova is a contestant on VIP Brother 10 (Bulgaria).


Retrieved and Translated from Nova
Born city: Dimitrovgrad
Education: Elementary faculty of the Bulgarian State Conservatory
Age: 61 years old
Sign: Aries
Family Status : Divorced
Profession: Singer
Harmful habits: chocolate addiction
Hobbies and interests: sewing clothes. Challenge and create songs
Describe yourself in a few words: The child of Dobrincheto, the mother of Boyan, the grandmother of Vanessa. Singer.
The best words they said about you: A singer with an angelic voice
What are you proud of? I am proud of my mother, my son, my granddaughter, the songs I have created
The three things you can not live with in the House: The pictures of my favorite Boyan and Vanessa; Bible; Fresh air
"I have received many awards, but I'm proud of the songs I've produced. I felt like a muse, very often in my job as a singer. The songs I sing are like a reflection of myself, "says the girl from Tonika with her glasses and a good voice.
Vanya is not considered a great singer. "Only God is great," she says. She thinks people who love her feel good, and those who do not like her say they are evil.
The heaviest point in her life is the leaving of the Tonica Family. "I left because I did not feel loved enough. Eva did not love me and the Naiden family at all, "she says about her relationship with Eve, and adds that she could not have a good relationship with a person practicing black magic.
According to Vanya, if Eve is also in the House, she will abuse alcohol. "Lose control when it strikes a brandy," the singer says frankly. He is not worried about the idea of ​​a female kingdom, although it was women who received a knife in the back. [1]

Player's History - VIP Brother 10 (Bulgaria)[]

Task History[]

Week 1

Nominations History- VIP Brother 10[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Ivan Glavchev
Valentin Kulagin
Ivan Glavchev
2 Diona Sashova
Valentin Kulagin
3 Atanas Kolev
4 Bozhana Katsarova
Lora Karadjova
Lora Karadjova
Richard Velichkov
5 Richard Velichkov
Valentin Kulagin
6 Petko Dimitrov
Rosemary Tisher
Mira Dobreva
7 Mira Dobreva
Richard Velichkov
8 No Nominations Nominated

Post Big Brother[]

  • Vanya contracted COVID-19 in April 2021.
  • Vanya died from a heart attack on May 6, 2021. [2]



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