Vanderson Gomes de Brito[2] was a housemate on Big Brother Brazil 19.

Beginning with a lowkey game, Vanderson was nominated during the Mass Nomination twist in Week 1 and just barely managed to receive enough votes to stay. However on Day 9, Vanderson was removed from the game due to accusations of aggression and assault from an ex-girlfriend of his that had been occurring since the cast reveal. The case against him had happened 10 years prior to his appearance on Big Brother.

He was summoned to testify at the Police Department of Jacarepaguá and because the rules of the game do not allow a housemate to temporarily leave the house he was disqualified and removed from the game.[3][4]


Vanderson Brito Biography

Received and translated from Gshow.
Age: 35
Hometown: Rio Branco, Acre
Occupation: Biologist and indigenous educational coordinator
This is Vanderson: he enjoys video games, comics, cinema and he travels through indigenous villages in Acre, training science teachers. "There is a village that, by the road, that I arrive in within six hours, but there are places that are one day on the road and two by boat," he said.

As the only sensei or master of aikido (Japanese martial art) in his state, he does his doctorate in Buenos Aires and plays ukulele. About the game, he was straightforward: "I never imagined being here."[5]

Player History - Big Brother Brazil 19

Competition History

Week 1 Immunity Loss
Nomination/Immunity Nominated
7 Challenges Not Picked

Have/Have-Not History

Week 1 Have

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Paula von Sperling Paula von Sperling 7 Challenges Room
2 Ejected

Post Big Brother



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