Here are several changes that I would have thought they could have done to continue the season.

  • Arisa Cox will be hosting from home.
  • The set designers remain at the house setting up competitions.
  • The Live Feeds producers are working from home.
  • The announcer is working from home.
  • When a house guest gets evicted, they have to go to the diary room for the exit interview.
  • Jury members won't be at a jury house. They will be sent back home.
  • The last jury member must remain in the diary room during finale night.
  • The jury members will vote for the winner from their homes. They must write down the name of the house guest who they want to win and put their names at the bottom.
  • All the evicted house guests will be connected through a Zoom meeting, plus the last jury member in the diary room.
  • After the winner is announced, the house guest who is in the diary room is allowed to come back in and celebrate.
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