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Okay, so the world is in COVID 19 crisis and almost everyone is stuck in quarantine and I've been feeling like a Big Brother housemate because of this lockdown thing. So I decided to do something. I decided to watch Pinoy Big Brother 8 on iWant, ABS-CBN's answer to Netflix or Hulu. I haven't really finished it because I became busy for my internship so I decided to finish it.

First of all, this season was on air for 8 months! Well, it's the eighth season and the season revolved around the "eight" concept seriously. To be fair though, it consisted of four separate batches, it's like four seasons within a season. To those who don't know the eighth season of PBB, it revolves around the infinity theme that's why it's a long-ass season, and it seemed to have a neverending number of housemates. I'm not surprised at all because Pinoy Big Brother always have these complex twists and out of this world season themes. But I like most of them. Some seasons had lame theme (ehem 737 lol I still don't get it its a good season though) but some like All In, Lucky 7, Teen Clash, Double Up, etc. had great themes and concepts, and were well executed throughout their time..

Speaking of PBB Otso, I actually watched the first half of it, I watched Batch 1 and Batch 2 but I was unable to continue due to a busy schedule but now I resumed watching Batch 3 and Batch 4 and the final part which is Ultim8 batch. I managed to finish it in one week and I was stunned so I decided to write my thoughts regarding this season.

TBH, my favorite Pinoy Big Brother season is Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7 because the cast, the twists, the competition are on point. But this season is among the great ones too and I enjoyed it! It's also the first season I watched as an "adult". I've finally reached that time where people the same age as me are now considered "adult housemates" instead of "teen housemates". LMAO!

So now that I have finished the Philippines' longest Big Brother season, here's what I think of PBB OTSO!!

Season Theme

First of all, the theme of this season is such a complex theme, but somehow it works. This infinity-inspired season seems like an overwhelming concept but PBBOTSO pulled it off. It's not surprising because PBB is known for its outrageous twists and themes.

I think it's very hard to do and it takes 100% effort to make this complex season happen. I'm glad they pulled it off, which made it among the most unforgettable seasons of PBB.

The Twists, Challenges, Tasks

Man, this season had some of the craziest twists ever in PBB! But I like that they added a more competitive aspect to the show. Just like what Big Brother said, "Success is earned". It was shown well this season and those who were determined and hard-working enough eventually reached the end. That quote defined this season.

Camp Star Hunt, like it or not, is among the most interesting twists of the show. I like that it's a game-changer in the series, and the competition between "Original Housemates" and "Star Dreamers" really defined this season. For the original housemates, the Star Dreamers who crossed over were a threat, but for the Star Dreamers in Camp, it's one step closer to reach their dreams. I like the challenge it gives but I can understand why some viewers don't like it. I'm still curious why they abruptly closed the camp on Batch 3, I heard it has to do with the ratings? I'm not sure.

Another twist I like has something to do with the last part of the series so I'll just talk about it on my next entry.

PBB Alumni

It's so nostalgic to see the housemates from the past 13 seasons make an appearance throughout the season, from the live launch all the way to the Big Night finale. The alumni, a.k.a. Pinoy Big Brotherhood is just like an exclusive club or a family and seeing them together during the live launch and the Big Night is just amazing. Is it the time for an "all-star" season? Who knows. I'm just waiting for it.

The Cast

The cast is the largest ever in PBB with 71 housemates. But all of them shone and surprisingly, none of them were "boring". All shared their life stories, showed their authentic self, and gave their best in challenges and tasks. From Batch 1 to Batch 4, the housemates and star dreamers really had the most colorful and vibrant personalities, the intense drama and rivalries, the conflicts, even the romances. I can say that this is also one of the most diverse casts of PBB; LGBT contestants, minorities, well-off people, underprivileged, overseas Filipinos, foreigners, lost siblings, feisty housemate, funny housemate, emotional housemate, etc. I think that's what made this season one of the most memorable seasons of PBB, thanks to the housemates and star dreamers who made this season.

Batch 1: Teens

Batch 1 Weekly Highlights

Chapter Premiere Rewind Week 1 - Weeknight Rewind Week 1 - Weekend Rewind (Eviction) Week 2 - Weeknight Rewind Week 2 - Weekend Rewind (Eviction) Week 3 - Weeknight Rewind Week 3 - Weekend Rewind (Eviction) Week 4 - Weeknight Rewind Week 4 - Weekend Rewind (Eviction) Week 5 - Weeknight Rewind Week 5 - Weekend Rewind (Eviction) Week 6 - Weeknight Rewind Week 6 - Weekend Rewind (Big Otso Concert) Week 7 - Weeknight Rewind Week 7 - Weekend Rewind (Eviction) Week 8 - Weeknight Rewind Week 8 - Weekend Rewind (Batch 1 Finale)

Batch 1 is the first batch and I can say that this batch really brought back PBB to the minds of ordinary viewers after a year of absence on TV. I think this batch is the first piece of the puzzle. No one knew what to expect yet in this season, even the Camp Star Hunt was still a twist and was unknown to the housemates until Week 5. So at this time, people were still guessing over what really is going to happen this season. It was a great start for this season.

The teens in the house and the camp were entertaining and at the same time competitive too. I think I would describe this batch as "loyal". That word was seen throughout the edition of Batch 1. From Camp cross-over housemates Ali Abinal, Reign Parani, Rhys Eugenio's struggle to give their loyalties whether for the original housemates or for their friends still in the camp, to the great bond that the original 8 housemates and Camp's star dreamers both had, their loyalty really defined this batch. This batch also showed the dilemma of "selflessness and determination" during the latter part when everyone had to decide who to play in the Big Jump.

It's so cool that the female teen housemates Jillian Pilones, Kaori Oinuma, Lie Reposposa and Karina Bautista of the original eight stood out in this batch, and eventually got the Big Four slots, creating a record in PBB history for having the first all-female Big Four. In the end, Lie Reposposa proved to be the most deserving as she was hailed as the winner of Batch 1.

Batch 2: Adults

Batch 2 Weekly Highlights

Week 9 - Weeknight Rewind Week 9 - Weekend Rewind Week 10 - Weeknight Rewind Week 10 - Weekend Rewind Week 11 - Weeknight Rewind Week 11 - Weekend Rewind Week 12 - Weeknight Rewind Week 12 - Weekend Rewind (Eviction) Week 13 - Weeknight Rewind Week 13 - Weekend Rewind (Eviction) Week 14 - Weeknight Rewind Week 14 - Weekend Rewind (Eviction) Week 15 - Weeknight Rewind Week 15 - Weekend Rewind (Double Eviction) Week 16 - Weeknight Rewind Week 16 - Weekend Rewind (Eviction) Week 17 - Weeknight Rewind Week 17 - Weekend Rewind (Double Eviction) Week 18 - Weeknight Rewind Week 18 - Weekend Rewind (Eviction) Week 19 - Weeknight Rewind Week 19 - Weekend Rewind (Eviction) Week 20 - Weeknight Rewind Week 20 - Weekend Rewind (Batch 2 Finale)

As the season welcomed the Batch 2, this batch was already a fighter early on. I can say that this batch was intense Because they already knew the CSH and it became part of the game, the Camp and House rivalry increased than ever. Difficult challenges, strong personalities, competitive mindset, this was PBB OTSO's peak. I think that's one of the reasons why this batch was extended to 88 days.

From the introduction of "dismissal elimination" in Camp Star Hunt, the reunion of lost-siblings Apey and Mark, Mitch Talao's historic transgender wedding in the house, to Lou Yanong and André Brouillette's controversial showmance, and Fumiya Sankai & Yamyam Gucong's unbreakable bond, this batch had a fair share of entertainment, controversy, drama, friendship, and budding romance.

One word I can describe this batch is all-out. They all stood out both on their social bond and at the same time, in challenges. Their patience and determination really showed during the Pinoy Big Battle when they were under the Army Training, during the Duel Challenges, and during the Big Jump Challenge. Their Grand Council session was intense as hell, the most grueling out of all four batches. I can say that they were the batch that was really put to the test.

But in the end, Yamyam Gucong, Fumiya Sankai, Lou Yanong and André Brouillette who reached the Big Four of this batch really worked their way to get it and proved that they deserved their Big Four slots. Eventually, Yamyam's authenticity and his determination to win led him to win as the winner of Batch 2.

Batch 3: Teens

Batch 3 Weekly Highlights

Week 21 - Weekend Rewind Week 22 - Weeknight Rewind Week 22 - Weekend Rewind Week 23 - Weeknight Rewind Week 24 - Weeknight Rewind Week 24 - Weekend Rewind (Eviction) Week 25 - Weeknight Rewind Week 25 - Weekend Rewind (Eviction) Week 26 - Weeknight Rewind Week 26 - Weekend Rewind (Eviction) Week 27 - Weeknight Rewind Week 27 - Weekend Rewind (Eviction) Week 28 - Weeknight Rewind Week 28 - Weekend Rewind (Batch 3 Finale)

Batch 3 was the batch when the 6.1 magnitude, 2019 Luzon Earthquake happened in Manila, so I can describe this season as full of shock haha, but aside from that, this batch still gave some shocking changes to the season.

First is the Island, the game started out on a real island so the teen housemates got to know each other for a week before the first housemate selection. Second is the closure of the Camp. The Gr8 Cross-over twist put an end to the Camp Star Hunt when all 8 Star Dreamers moved to the house during the first cross-over. Another shocking twist is the introduction of the Golden Circle, which put most housemates at risk of being nominated every week. The Golden Circle Challenges became the nomination process in this batch along with the house's nominations so no one is really safe unless they win a challenge. It's also the batch with no single eviction as all of the evictions in this batch were either double and triple evictions, and lastly, this batch saw the first forced eviction in this season, when Emjay Savilla was ejected due to health concerns.

But despite of this, the teen housemates of this batch were surprisingly strong enough to face these shocking twists. I admit I underestimated Batch 3 before, but after seeing their batch, I can say that they faced the difficulty of their batch with determination and passion to reach the end. In the end, the strongest among them stood out to become their batch's Big Four. Batit Espiritu, Tan Roncal, Ashley Del Mundo and Yen Quirante stood out and became the Big Four, but it was Ashley who was able to be hailed as the Batch 3 winner.

Batch 4: Adults

Batch 4 Weekly Highlights

Week 29 - Weeknight Rewind Week 29 - Weekend Rewind Week 30 - Weeknight Rewind Week 30 - Weekend Rewind (Eviction) Week 31 - Weeknight Rewind Week 31 - Weekend Rewind (Eviction) Week 32 - Weeknight Rewind Week 32 - Weekend Rewind (Eviction) Week 33 - Weekend Rewind (Eviction) Week 34 - Weeknight Rewind Week 34 - Weekend Rewind (Batch 4 Finale)

Batch 4 is the final batch of the season, and I can describe this season as back to basic because it had 12 adult housemates, 6 weeks and no existence of Camp Star Hunt at all. But that doesn't mean they got it easy. Early on, the batch was put into controversy with inappropriate jokes, which gave Banjo Dangalan a forced eviction. But Batch 4's struggle didn't end there, they were the batch which had to deal with more psychological and situational tasks such as the 80,000 Seconds of Sleep challenge which forced them to stay awake to win the task, and the Tower Blocks challenge which showed their competitive side and tested their integrity in order to win. Aside from that, this is also the batch when the water outage occurred in Manila which meant the housemates had to deal with limited to no amount of water use. They also had no luxury budget for weeks, forcing them to eat staples and basic food supply. I also noticed that the competitions in this batch were more mental and psychological, which required the brain to function properly, but it doesn't mean it's easy. I actually found it very tricky, such as the Pebble Problem challenge, where the housemates have to count all 38,819 pebbles within 48 hours. Their mental skills were really put to the test throughout this batch

Although there's a situational struggle throughout this batch, the housemates created a strong bond and since they were the fewest number with 12, they formed relationships easily, but controversies and issues didn't escape them. Aside from Banjo's bad jokes, there's Sky's sexuality issue, as well as Diana's, which paved way for a more in-depth discussion about sexuality, during the season. On a lighter note, there's also Hasna's thrift shop special task for her children, which were able to get an estimated P200,000; there's Franki Russell and Diana Mackey's unbreakable friendship and Kiara Takahashi and Gino Roque's showmance. This batch totally made the viewers think regarding actions and words, as well as understanding one's mistakes and problems.

In the end, the most strategic housemates were skillful enough to pass through Big Brother's mind games and become the Big Four of the season's last batch. Akie Poblete, Wealand Ferrer, Kiara Takahashi, and Argel Saycon took their batch's Big Four slots but, it was Kiara who became the batch winner.

So here's what I think about the first four batches of the season. I'll be talking about the last part of the season which is the Ultim8 part, or the Back to House chapter on part two of this blog/review! Have a nice day!