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  • Jruoy98

    Sims Big Brother 2

    2020-05-06 by Jruoy98

    Sims Big Brother 2 is the second season of Sims Big Brother.

    This is the second season of Sims Big Brother. This season revolves around the theme based on the phrase "Out with the Old, In with the New" and is going to be bigger than before. Something new will change the game for this season; new houseguests, new house, and new gameplay!

    • New Gameplay: This season will have a game format inspired by the gameplay of Pinoy Big Brother 8.
    • Two-Phase Season: This season will have two game phases; Selection Phase and Final Phase.
      • Selection Phase: This phase will start with 16 contestants, with 8 of them selected to be official houseguests in various ways and will live in the new Big Brother House, the other 8 who were not selected will be wildcard contestants…

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  • Jruoy98

    Okay, so the world is in COVID 19 crisis and almost everyone is stuck in quarantine and I've been feeling like a Big Brother housemate because of this lockdown thing. So I decided to do something. I decided to watch Pinoy Big Brother 8 on iWant, ABS-CBN's answer to Netflix or Hulu. I haven't really finished it because I became busy for my internship so I decided to finish it.

    First of all, this season was on air for 8 months! Well, it's the eighth season and the season revolved around the "eight" concept seriously. To be fair though, it consisted of four separate batches, it's like four seasons within a season. To those who don't know the eighth season of PBB, it revolves around the infinity theme that's why it's a long-ass season, and it se…

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  • Jruoy98

    Sims Big Brother 1

    2020-03-31 by Jruoy98

    Sims Big Brother 1 is the first season of Sims Big Brother.

    There are two things that I love the most; Sims and Big Brother. So, why not bring Big Brother in the Sims world? The premise is the same as the original show but the houseguests will consist of Sims living together inside an enclosed house. So basically I play Big Brother and the sims are the houseguests. I can't control the way they socialize, their performance in challenges, who they want to evict and their moods. The last remaining Sim wins. Who will it be?

    The Big Brother Compound was built on a secluded seaside lot in Brindleton Bay.

    Inside, the house features a summer theme with a mix of bright colors and earthy tones. Wood and Living Walls are also incorporated into the design. …

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