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  • 789QA

    BB21 Popularity Poll Pre-Season Results:
    1. Kemi, 18.27% (19 Votes)
    2. Analyse, 15.38% (16 Votes)
    3. Tommy, 13.46% (14 Votes)
    4. Ovi, 11.54% (12 Votes)
    5. Isabella, 7.69% (8 Votes)
    6. Christie, 6.73% (7 Votes)
    7. Nick, 5.77% (6 Votes)
    8. Cliff, 4.81% (5 Votes)
    9. Holly, Jack, & Sam, 2.88% (3 Votes)
    12. Jackson, Jessica, & Kathryn, 1.92% (2 Votes)
    15. David & Nicole, 0.96% (1 Vote)
    You can look at the popularity progression throughout the season on my user page.

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  • 789QA

    Four Months

    January 8, 2019 by 789QA

    Today, four months ago I joined the Big Brother Wiki. By constantly trying to edit these pages, I have made my way up to the rank of sixth in this wiki. My goal right now is to make sure all of the current seasons are edited well, such as the premiere of Gran Hermano Dúo later today. Another project that I am working on is fixing all of the templates for all of the international seasons. Right now, I am finishing the Latin American and South American versions of the show, and I'll create the housemate pages after I'm done with fixing all of the international templates. I hopefully will cover all of the shows this year, and hopefully for many years to come.

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  • 789QA

    Attempting to change the Wikia

    November 27, 2018 by 789QA

    For the past few months, I have been working hardly to make the Big Brother Wikia easier to read for the international versions, by updating the pages. When I have an opportunity to, I would try to complete all of the international nominations history and the progress templates. I have countlessly been working hours of a day working on updating housemate and template pages. Such as today, I spent at least an hour just updating the housemates' pages for Grande Fratello VIP 3, because there was a double eviction that night. I hope that my contributions to the Big Brother Wikia will pay off, and I hope this makes the Wikia a better place.

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  • 789QA


    November 1, 2018 by 789QA

    Hello! I'm 789QA. I've been on the Big Brother Wikia for about a month now, and I've been enjoying it. It feels great to finally get involved in the Big Brother environment. Right now, I am currently editing most of the current Big Brother seasons, excluding Big Brother 19 (UK). So far, I have been a main contributer to one completed season and five current seasons. While working with all of these versions of Big Brother, I've learned to use templates and use basic HTML5, which I didn't even know before I started this wikia. Currently, I am going to work on the biographies of the housemates on their websites, and using templates for previous seasons before in the show that have little content. I hope that my contributions help the Big Broth…

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