aka Devin

  • I was born on August 18
  • I am Male

I'm not very interesting.

My Favorite HouseGuests

  • Janelle Pierzina: Need I say more? She is perhaps the greatest female contestant to ever play on any reality television show. Unfortunately her prowess in the game has kept her from taking home the winning title, but oh well, she's still one of the greatest HouseGuests of all time.
  • Dan Gheesling: This man was robbed of the title in BB14. Bitter juries are awful. He could have become the first two time winner of Big Brother, which he should have. Dan is forever my favorite BB HouseGuest for pure awesomeness and strategic abilities.
  • Dick Donato: One of the most controversial contestants ever and yet he's also one of the most entertaining to ever step inside of the Big Brother House. Unlike Aaryn, Dick is actually funny and his comments were all in good play. The only time he disappointed me was when he walked and single handedly ruined Big Brother 13.
  • Daniele Donato: She is one of the more underestimated HouseGuests to play Big Brother. While I agree with the fact that her gameplay would be nothing without her father, she still ranks as one of my favorite HouseGuests for never being afraid to be confrontational.
  • Danielle Reyes: Best player to have never won? That's debatable. But she sure as hell deserved to win Big Brother 3 more than Lisa. Danielle suffered from the first case of a bitter jury, whom had all seen her "cocky" Diary Room sessions, and lost in a landslide 9-1 final vote. Had the jury not seen her private conversations, I do believe she would have had a much better chance at winning over the jury.
  • Will Kirby: Okay, so, unfortunately I have never watched Big Brother 2, but I have seen BB3 onwards. So the first time I ever watched the Doctor's gameplay was on Big Brother All-Stars. I have to say that his game was almost completely flawless. Had Erika and Janelle not caught onto his and Mike "Boogie" Malin's gameplay at the final four, it is fair to say that Will would have made it to the final two and won for a second time.

My Least Favorite HouseGuests

  • Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas: I understand that she did deserve to win Big Brother 13 because of how hard she fought to make it to the end, but I still don't like her. She is too whiny and she cries too much when things don't go her way. With Rachel comes her man, Brendon. I enjoyed him on Big Brother 12, after Rachel's eviction; however, their relationship makes me sick and I hope to never see the two of them on Big Brother or The Amazing Race ever again.
  • Mike "Boogie" Malin: I can't stand the guy. He's way too confident for someone who was dragged to the end of Big Brother All-Stars by his ally, Will. He only deserved to win because he was sitting next to Erika. Other than that, his gameplay wasn't as up-to-par as the other contestants. And his cocky/greedy attitude only made him more unbearable on Big Brother 14.
  • Jeff Schroeder: Am I the only one who can't stand this guy? Yes? Oh well. He had such a negative attitude both times he played, especially when something did not go his way. Plus he was a bully, as seen by the live feeds, which, of course, were not shown on the actual show. Jordan Lloyd was more bearable, despite her lacking any common sense.
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