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Hey there! I have started watching since Big Brother 20 US, and loved Big Brother ever since. Please don’t post anything disrespectful, inappropriate, or rude on my page.

My Favorite Houseguests of Each Season (U.S. and Canada):

Season 1: Jean Jordan Season 2: Will Kirby Season 3: Lisa Donahue Season 4: Jun Song Season 5: Diane Henry Season 6: Janelle Pierzina All-Stars: Janelle Pierzina Season 8: No one! Season 9: Jen Diturno Season 10: Dan Gheesling Season 11: Jordan Lloyd Season 12: Rachel Reilly Season 13: Rachel Reilly Season 14: Janelle Pierzina Canada 1: Danielle Alexander Season 15: Elissa Slater Canada 2: Rachelle Diamond Season 16: Nicole Franzel Canada 3: Sarah Hanlon Season 17: Vanessa Rousso Canada 4: Nikki Grahame Season 18: Nicole Franzel OTT: Morgan Willett Canada 5: Sindy Nguyen Season 19: Jessica Graf CBB 1: Marissa Jaret Winokour Canada 6: Paras Atashnak Season 20: Angela Rummans CBB 2: Natalie Eva Marie Canada 7: Chelsea Bird Season 21: Holly Allen

Favorite and Least Favorite:


Favorite: Hit the Road (Big Brother 18, OTT, 21)

This twist is my favorite because it sort of tests the houseguests on their competition skills, and it’s really fun to watch.

Least Favorite: America Nominates and Evicts (Big Brother 19 UK)

This twist is my least favorite because the public has too much control over the game. It’s pretty simple: it insures that the houseguest that is nominated by the public is evicted, which is unfair towards the houseguests. If the public nominates, the house votes to evict and vice versa. (Doesn’t apply to US and Canada Big Brother)

Houseguests That Didn’t Walk or Get Expelled (US and Canada):

Favorite: Angela Rummans

I totally agree that she didn’t play the best game, socially, strategically, or competitively, but, she was just the right amount of villain, romance, and competitor. I never got bored of her whenever I was watching, and that matters a lot!

Least Favorite: JC Moundix

I’m sure a lot of us agree. The guy was too much! What he did in the house was inappropriate and uncalled for. He touched houseguests’ private areas, disturbed them, and made offensive comments. He should never return for another season, that’s for sure.

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