aka Logan

  • I live in North Carolina, United States
  • I was born on April 15
  • My occupation is Student/Editor/Writer
  • I am Male.



My Sandbox

Hi! I’m Logan. I am here because I love Big Brother. I am also a bureaucrat and founder of

- Backup Accounts - User:Logz Logan and User:LogzLogan2.

- Started watching Big Brother since Big Brother 16 (US).

- Became a fandom member on May 8th 2019.

- I live in the USA.

- Birthday is April 15th.

- At first I was into Survivor, then I watched an episode of BB16 (US) and fell in love. Now every summer I watch BB, and in winter I watch for Celebrity BB (US). I especially love when Survivor premire comes on and the the finale of BB comes on because it’s so much excitement. I have since watched every US season. Also I have watched Celebrity Big Brother Uk 18-22 with an exception of CBB19. And I have watched Big Brother Uk )2017 and 2018.

- My favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End. I love anything Pirates of the Caribbean and Twilight.

- I do ice hockey and I bake.

-Big Brother contestants that follow me on Twitter:

- Outside of this wiki, I don’t really have friends. I’m usually seen as a silent guy. When I joined this wiki, I felt I finally found my new home. With all the new people I felt as if they were all my friends. To this day, I can now say that the people at the Big Brother Wiki are my friends. Thank you all!

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Big Brother Blog Stats

Big Brother Blog Seasons
Season Season Run Days HouseGuests Winner Runner(s)-Up Final Vote
BB18 logo
Big Brother Blog 1
August 27, 2019 -
September 8, 2019
92 16
Haleigh Broucher
Shiv Thakre
BB18 logo
Big Brother Blog 2
September 10 - 27, 2019 84 15
Laura Carter
Sukhvinder Javeed
BB18 logo
Big Brother Blog 3
September 27, 2019 -
October 11, 2019
105 30
Dre Gwenaelle
Romil Chaudhary
Estela Grande
BB18 logo
Big Brother Blog 4
October 11 - 26, 2019 84 17
Mikkayla Mossop
Mitchell Moffit
Helen Kim
Big Brother Blog 5:
All Stars
October 27, 2019 -
December 10, 2019
210 63
Nicole Anthony
Romil Chaudhary
Helen Kim
Cassandra Shahinfar
Britney Haynes
Shane Meaney
Big Brother 17 (U.S.) Logo
Big Brother Blog 6
December 13, 2019 -
January 10, 2020
77 20
Diego Wantowsky
Nayara de Deus
BBUK 19 Eye NB
Big Brother Blog 7
January 18, 2020 -
July 29, 2020
97 16 Season Discontinued
Big Brother Australia 12
Big Brother Blog 8
August 5, 2020 -
October 24, 2020
77 12
Lyudmila Zahazhaeva
Natalie Negrotti
BB Portugal 5 Logo
Big Brother Blog 9:
Second Chance
October 5, 2020 -
71 13 To Be Determined

Big Brother US Ranking

  1. Big Brother 16 (US)
  2. Big Brother 18 (US)
  3. Big Brother 6 (US)
  4. Big Brother 7 (US)
  5. Big Brother 20 (US)
  6. Big Brother 13 (US)
  7. Big Brother 10 (US)
  8. Big Brother 14 (US)
  9. Big Brother 22 (US)
  10. Big Brother 17 (US)
  11. Big Brother 11 (US)
  12. Big Brother 4 (US)
  13. Big Brother 12 (US)
  14. Big Brother 8 (US)
  15. Big Brother 3 (US)
  16. Big Brother 2 (US)
  17. Big Brother 5 (US)
  18. Big Brother 21 (US)
  19. Big Brother 19 (US)
  20. Big Brother 15 (US)
  21. Big Brother 1 (US)
  22. Big Brother 9 (US)

My Favorite BBUS Houseguests

Season & Logo Houseguest Houseguest Houseguest Houseguest Houseguest Houseguest
BBUS2Logo Big Brother 2 (US) Square-Will Kirby-0 Square-Krista Stegall Square-Monica Bailey Square-Shannon Dragoo None None
180px-BBUS6Logo Big Brother 6 (US) Bb6janelle-0 Bb6kaysar-0 Bb6howie-0 Bb6rachel Bb6michael None
BB7AllStarsLogo Big Brother 7 (US) Janelle7 BB7 Howie BB7 Kaysar BB7 Will None None
Bb10logo Big Brother 10 (US) Square-Bb10-dan1 Square-Bb10 libra Square-Bb10 keesha None None None
Bb11-usa-logo Big Brother 11 (US) Square-Jordan11 Square-Jeff11 Square-Michele11 None None None
BB12LowRes Big Brother 12 (US) 125px-Square-Rachel Reilly Square-Brendon Villegas Square-Britney Haynes None None None
BB13-US-Logo Big Brother 13 (US) Rachel13 Small Brendon13 Small Jordan13 Small Jeff13 Small None None
Big Brother 14 Logo Big Brother 14 (US) JanelleBB14 BritneyBB14 ShaneBB14 DanielleBB14 DanBB14-0 AshleyBB14
Big Brother 15 Logo Big Brother 15 (US) BB15Small Helen BB15Small Howard BB15Small Elissa BB15Small Candice BB15Small Andy None
Big Brother 16 (U.S.) Logo Big Brother 16 (US) Derrickcastphoto-0 Nicolecastphoto Calebcastphoto Brittanycastphoto Ambercastphoto Victoriacastphoto
Big Brother 17 (U.S.) Logo Big Brother 17 (US) BB17Small Clay BB17Small Shelli BB17Small Da'Vonne BB17Small Vanessa BB17Small Liz BB17Small Julia
BB18 logo Big Brother 18 (US) Nicole Small 2016 Da'Vonne Small 2016 James Small 2016 Natalie Small 2016 Zakiyah Small 2016 Victor Small 2016
Big Brother Over The Top Logo 2 Big Brother: Over The Top Danielle Small OTT Jason Small OTT Whitney Small OTT Alex Small OTT Monte Small OTT Kryssie Small OTT
BB18 logo Big Brother 19 (US) BB19 Small Cody BB19 Small Jessica BB19 Small Elena BB19 Small Mark None None
BB18 logo Big Brother 20 (US) BB20 Small Haleigh BB20 Small Bayleigh BB20 Small Rachel BB20 Small Sam BB20 Small Faysal BB20 Small Angie
Big Brother USA 21 Logo Big Brother 21 (US) BB21 Small Nicole BB21 Small Jessica BB21 Small Kemi BB21 Small Christie BB21 Small Tommy BB21 Small Kathryn
BB22 Titlecard Big Brother 22 (US) BB22 Small Janelle BB22 Small Kaysar BB22 Small Da'Vonne BB22 Small Bayleigh BB22 Small Kevin BB22 Small Nicole F
CBB USA Logo Celebrity Big Brother 1 (US) CBBUS1 Small Marissa CBBUS1 Small Ross CBBUS1 Small Ariadna CBBUS1 Small Shannon CBBUS1 Small James None
CBB USA Logo Celebrity Big Brother 2 (US) CBBUS2 Small Lolo CBBUS2 Small Natalie CBBUS2 Small Ricky None None None
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