Uma Khouny is the 4th Big Placer of Pinoy Big Brother 1.

He became known as the straightforward housemate, as he is blunt and says whatever is on his mind, although he was never nominated throughout the season.

He was also known as a scaredy-cat who often gets pranked inside the house. He also had a romantic relationship with Cassandra Ponti.

He was also known for having flirting moments with fellow housemate Cassandra Ponti while inside the house. However despite that, many viewers still speculated about his sexuality but he never disclose or gave any statements about it.

He became a Big Four finalist and went on to the Big Night finale where he became the 4th Big Placer after receiving 4.7% of the total votes.


Uma Khouny is a 23-year old Filipino who grew up in Israel with a Filipino mother and an Arab-Israeli father.

He moved to the Philippines at the time he auditioned for the show.

Player's History - Pinoy Big Brother 1

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
3 Racquel Reyes
Bob dela Cruz
Racquel Reyes
Bob dela Cruz
Franzen Fajardo
4 Racquel Reyes
Bob dela Cruz

Bob dela Cruz
Franzen Fajardo
5 Racquel Reyes
Bob dela Cruz
Racquel Reyes
Bob dela Cruz
Franzen Fajardo
6 No Nominations
7 Nene Tamayo
Jason Gainza
Nene Tamayo
Jason Gainza
8 Franzen Fajardo
Nene Tamayo
Jason Gainza
9 Jason Gainza
Nene Tamayo
Franzen Fajardo
Nene Tamayo
10 No Nominations
11 Nene Tamayo
Jason Gainza
Nene Tamayo
Finale 4th Place

Post Big Brother

  • After his Big Brother stint, Uma was cast in 2006 as a host of the award-winning travel show, Trip na Trip where they feature different tourist spots in the Philippines.
  • He entered the house once again, in Pinoy Big Brother 2 as an Intruder House guest. He stayed for a week.
  • After the travel show ended, he moved to New York City to continue his studies. As of 2017, he has been managing their coffee shop in New York City, called Cafe Angelique which has different branches throughout the city.


  • He was the first contestant in Pinoy Big Brother history to reach the finale without facing the dangers of eviction throughout his stay in the house. Despite having a total of 21 nominations points, he was never part of the nominees' list through the 11 weeks of his stay in the Big Brother house.
  • He was the first contestant to have Middle-Eastern descent.
  • He was the first ever Muslim contestant in Pinoy Big Brother history.
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