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Triple Evictions occur in Big Brother in order to send three people home in one week. They are very similar to Double Evictions, as it is another eviction cycle that happens in the same night as the first, however two people leave during the second eviction rather than just one, meaning three people leave the game that night. During this eviction, one Head of Household is named and nominates three nominees. Then a Power of Veto Competition is held (the HOH isn't allowed to compete), followed by a Power of Veto Ceremony. After this, the houseguests cast their vote to save one of the nominees. The two nominees with the least amount of votes will then be evicted.

The very first triple eviction occurred in Big Brother Canada 3, and returned for both Big Brother Canada 5 and 6.

The first ever Triple Eviction on BBUS happened during the finale of Celebrity Big Brother 1 (US). It wasn't officially called a Triple Eviction, but the format remained very similar. For the second eviction cycle of the night, the Final Four remaining houseguests played in the Final HOH competition, where the winner had to vote to evict two people, bringing only one to the Final Two with them. As it was used during the final eviction cycle, there was no POV competition held. It returned again in Celebrity Big Brother 2 (US), officially becoming the main format for the final week of American Celebrity seasons.

The first officially branded Triple Eviction in the United States happened on Big Brother 22 (US). Instead of using the Big Brother Canada format, the main series US format was simply two Fast Forward cycles in one night, as opposed to one cycle with two people being evicted.



Season Day First Round Subsequent Round(s) Notes
Evictee Evictees
Big Brother Canada 3 Day 49
Bobby Hlad
Kevin Martin
Willow MacDonald
Bobby was evicted by a 7-0 vote, followed by Kevin and Willow being evicted by a 3-2-0 save vote.
Big Brother Canada 5 Day 55
Jackie McCurach
William Laprise Desbiens
Dre Gwenaelle
Jackie was evicted by a 4-1 vote, followed by William and Dre being evicted by a 3-0-0 save vote.
Celebrity Big Brother 1 (US) Day 26
Omarosa Manigault
Ariadna Gutierrez
Mark McGrath
Omarosa was evicted by a 2-0 vote, followed by Ariadna and Mark being evicted by the Final HOH Marissa in a double elimination.
Big Brother Canada 6 Day 55
Alejandra Martinez
Olivia Riemer
Johnny Mulder
Alejandra was evicted by a 4-1 vote, followed by Olivia and Johnny being evicted by a 3-0-0 save vote.
Celebrity Big Brother 2 (US) Day 29
Kandi Burruss
Dina Lohan
Lolo Jones
Kandi was evicted by a 2-1 vote, followed by Dina and Lolo being evicted by the Final HOH Ricky in a double elimination.
Big Brother 22 (US) Day 58
Kevin Campbell
David Alexander
Dani Briones
Kevin was evicted by a 6-0 vote, followed by David being evicted by a 3-2 vote and Dani being evicted by a 4-0 vote.


  • There was a triple eviction planned for Big Brother Canada 4. However, since Ramsey Aburaneh walked from the house, the triple was reverted back to a double.[1]
  • Kevin Martin is the first houseguest and first male houseguest to be evicted as a result of a Triple Eviction.
    • He is also the first and currently only houseguest to participate in 2 Triple Evictions.
  • Willow MacDonald is the first female houseguest to be evicted as a result of a Triple Eviction.
  • Brittnee Blair is the first houseguest to be named Head of Household during a Triple Eviction.
  • This is the only scenario in which an HOH is ineligible to participate in the POV competition.
  • Marissa Jaret Winokur is the first US houseguest to be named HOH during a Triple Eviction, while Ariadna Gutierrez and Mark McGrath are the first US houseguests (female and male respectively) to be evicted during a Triple Eviction.
  • In all Triple Eviction appearances (excluding Celebrity Big Brother 2 (US)), one male and one female houseguest were evicted.
  • All three people in the Canadian version who were voted to be saved each had 3 votes to save and then placed 5th on their respective seasons.
  • The first ever civilian Triple Evictions on Big Brother Canada and Big Brother US both featured a man named Kevin being evicted, that being Kevin Martin and Kevin Campbell respectively.


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