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Trevor Butler is the winner of Big Brother Australia 4. He later competed on Big Brother Australia 14.

In Big Brother Australia 4, Trevor quickly became beloved by both his housemates and the Australian public, and was never nominated for eviction. His laid-back demeanor, unusual habit of talking to the birds, and dynamic sense of humor, led to him being voted the winner over Bree Amer. Trevor won $1,000,000, the largest cash prize in Australian television history.


Trevor Butler Biography

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48, NSW

Trevor, known affectionately as “Big Trev”, is famously known in Big Brother history as the first and only Australian to win $1 million dollars when he took out the title in Season 4. He then went on to propose to his now wife, Breea, on national TV.

He was last known as a total prankster and fun maker, often tricking and scaring his housemates in order to amuse himself. He’s quick-witted, energetic and up for any chance to dress up and make a fool of himself.

Seventeen years since taking out the largest prize money ever handed out on Australian TV, he’s now a proud father of two boys and still happily married to his high school sweetheart. He works in radio on the Gold Coast.

Last time around, winning the prize money set him up with a home and foundation. This time around, if he wins, he will use the money to pay off his kids’ school fees and invest in getting a children’s book developed.

Currently, he can be heard on air on the Gold Coast’s 102.9 Hot Tomato Drive show. Trevor enters the Big Brother house in 2022 having never been nominated.

Why did you want to return to the Big Brother house?

Why not? But seriously to show my sons, nieces and nephews how and why the occasional person stops and asks for a picture or a chat.

What would you do differently this time around?

Nothing. I went in to the 2004 series being myself and left the same way and I’ll do the same this time around as well. It doesn’t matter if I’m out early or get to the nitty gritty end game. I’ll stay the same.

What do you feel is the advantage of being a returning housemate?

There’ll be no advantage. I’ll go into the Big Brother house with a huge target on my chest because I’m a previous winner. The housemates will want me out quick smart. I also get along with people in any situation, so there’s another reason for housemates to evict me.

Do you see any disadvantage to be a returning housemate?

As above.

What was your previous experience in the Big Brother house like?

It was amazing. Just for the fact that it was something I’ve always wanted to do. The housemates of 2004 were the absolute best as well. Yes, there was the occasional drama, but it was more like a family style of Big Brother. You had your goofball moments and then the moments that made the show as popular as it was.[1]

Player History - Big Brother Australia 4[]

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2 2-Igor Vurmeski
1-Terri Mann
3 2-Igor Vurmeski
1-Paul Dyer
4 2-Paul Dyer
1-Ashalea McWalters
1-Ashalea McWalters
5 2-Paul Dyer
1-Ashalea McWalters
1-Paul Dyer
6 2-Merlin Luck
1-Paul Dyer
1-Catherine Tremolada
7 2-Terri Mann
1-Ashalea McWalters
8 2-Wesley Dening
1-Ashalea McWalters
2-Paul Dyer
9 Violeta Black
(to evict)
2-Paul Dyer
1-Ashalea McWalters
2-Paul Dyer Nominated
10 No Nominations Nominated
11 2-Paul Dyer
1-Catherine Tremolada
2-Paul Dyer
12 2-Paul Dyer
1-Bree Amer
1-Paul Dyer
No Nominations Nominated
No Nominations Winner

Player History - Big Brother Australia 14[]

Competition/Task History[]

Week 1 Secret Mission Not in House
Nomination Challenge
Nomination Challenge In Sewer
Nomination Challenge Loss
Week 2 Second Chance Ineligible
Luxury Challenge Loss
Nomination Challenge Win
Shopping Task Earned $180
Nomination Challenge Loss
Panic Task Ineligible
Week 3 Second Chance Ineligible
Secret Mission Ineligible
Nomination Challenge Loss
Shopping Task Earned $360
Nomination Challenge Loss
Panic Task Ineligible
Week 4 Second Chance Ineligible
Reward Task Failed
Nomination Challenge Loss

Voting History[]

Eviction Voting[]

Week Position Voted for With Majority?
1 Not in House
In Sewer
2 Mel Todd Yes
Co-Nominator Johnson Ashak No
3 Lara Phillips Yes
Joel Notley Yes
4 Sam Manovski Yes
Nominated Gabbie Keevill No

House Nominations[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Joel Notley
2 Jaycee Edwards Joel Notley
Taras Hrubyj-Piper
3 Johnson Ashak

HOH Voting[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2 No Voting
3 Dave Graham
4 Jules Rangiheuea Ineligible

Nominator History[]

Nominees Intended Target
Day 11
Layla Subritzky

Post Big Brother[]


  • Trevor was the first Fijian-Australian housemate on Big Brother Australia.
    • By extension, Trevor was also the first Fijian-Australian person to win Big Brother Australia.
  • Trevor won the most money of any housemate on Big Brother Australia, winning $1,000,000 on Big Brother Australia 4.
  • Trevor is the first housemate in Big Brother Australia to never receive enough nomination points to face eviction; whenever Trevor was up for the public vote, every other eligible housemate was as well.


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