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|hometown =
|hometown =
|occupation =
|occupation =
|Series = UK: Teen Experiment
|SeriesFullName = Big Brother: The Teen Experiment
|TwitterUserName =
|TwitterUserName =
|Place = 4th/5th
|Place = 4th/5th

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Tommy Wright was a housemate on the Teen Big Brother: The Experiment.

Player History-Big Brother UK: Teen Experiment

Nomination/Voting History

Day Position Voted for With Majority?
3 Jade Dyer
Shaneen Dawkins
No (Jade)
Yes (Shaneen)
5 Shaneen Dawkins No
7 Nominated Tracey Fowler Saved
Finale 4th/5th Place Tracey Fowler No

Note: On Day 10 (The Finale) the 6 remaining housemates had to vote for a winner. Tommy voted for Tracey to win and Tommy received no votes to win, landing her in 4th Place with Jade Dyer.


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