Bartolome Alberto "Tom" Mott, who is commonly known by stage name Tom Rodriguez, was a housemate in Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up


Nickname: Tom
Real Name: Bartolome Alberto Mott
Origin: Arizona, USA
Age: 22
Birthdate: October 1, 1987
Nationality: Filipino-American
Occupation: Graphic Artist
Civil Status: Single
Religion: Catholic
Hobbies: driving, boxing, martial arts
Favorite Color: blue, brown
Favorite Food: tinolang manok, or whatever my mom cooks
Favorite Show: Burn Notice
Favorite Actor: John Lloyd Cruz
Favorite Actress: Maja Salvador
Favorite Singer: John Mayer

He may have the face and the body of a model, but to people in his hometown, he is often called by many names like ‘Hilaw na Kano’ or ‘Bangaw Bangaw’ which is a term of a filthy kid. Tom would frequently get into fight with these people.

Life became more challenging when he migrated to the US to be with his family. He struggled with speaking in English and had a difficulty communicating with people around him. Tom finished college with a degree in Digital Animation, but still he couldn’t get a job in this field. He flew to Hongkong to pursue his passion, but instead he found romance which was unfortunately short lived.

What would you consider your greatest accomplishment so far?
Becoming a housemate.

What/who will you miss the most upon entering Kuya’s house?
My four-year-old nephew and one-year-old niece.

If you can be a celebrity for a day, who would you be and why?
Brad Pitt because he’s awesome.

Do you think you’ll get along well with the other housemates? Why?
I guess. I'm not a warfreak.

What would irritate/annoy you inside the house?
I have high tolerance to people. But probably those people without respect and those with evil intentions.

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  • In April 2013, he transferred to GMA Network under the stage name "Tom Rodriguez".


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