• Hey 789QA! I'm Lostris, and I'll be taking over from Mandy as Big Brother's Wiki Manager, since she has been hired as a full-time staff to assist as a community manager. Since you weren't an admin yet when she first introduced herself, I just want to emphasize that a Wiki Manager is not here to take over from the local administrators, on the contrary even. We're assigned to wikis such as the Big Brother Wiki to be provide a more direct line for the users here to any and all questions they may have for Fandom staff; either I may be able to already answer it for you, or I will be able to ask a Staff member who will know the answer. Additionally, I am also here to support the community first hand with anything you want me to. I will also contact the rest of the admins to introduce myself and inform them of this change.

    In case you didn't read it before, I want to leave you with two link to fairly recent Fandom update in regards to the UCP (Unified Community Platform):

    Don't hesitate to reach out for any reason, be it a request for help or an idea for this wiki, and I'll try my best to help you out. Stay safe out there! Kind regards, Lady Lostris @fandom / Wiki.png

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    • Thank you!

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    • Hey, great to hear back from you! I learned earlier today from Scoop that the wiki is going to blow out some candles in a few moths, congratulations on that! As I noted there, apart from supporting you all in dealing with possible issues, I am also here to support the community in the better times, such a, well, basically planning a party to commemorate your upcoming anniversary. So if you and your fellow admins are interested, we could perhaps hold a meeting somewhere to discuss some ideas, see where and how Fandom may help you out to truly mark the occasion. Feel free to share any and all thoughts on the matter, as I reckon we could have a fun working together on this.

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