• Hi Jruoy! I'm Lostris, and I'll be taking over from Mandy as Big Brother's Wiki Manager, since she has since her introduction been hired as a full-time staff. So while she will assist as a community manager, it is my job to serve as your direct line to Fandom staff and as a general community support with anything and everything to do with this wiki. I am not here take over, I am just here to provide more on site support should you so desire. I will also contact the rest of the admins to introduce myself and inform them of this change.

    In case you didn't read it before, I want to leave you with two link to fairly recent Fandom update in regards to the UCP (Unified Community Platform):

    Don't hesitate to reach out for any reason, be it a request for help or an idea for this wiki, and I'll try my best to help you out. Stay safe out there! Kind regards, Lady Lostris @fandom / Wiki.png

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