The Wall is a recurring Head of Household competition.



United States

The competition first appeared on Big Brother 10(US), during Week 4. Houseguest April Dowling won the competition, winning her first and only HoH of the season.

The competition appeared again in Big Brother 12, during Week 3. Houseguest Matt Hoffman won the competition, winning his first HoH of the season.

Next season, Big Brother 13, Daniele Donato won the competition, winning her first HoH of the season.

On Big Brother 14, Danielle Murphree won the competition, winning her first HoH of the season.

On Big Brother 15, the competition has divided in 2 parts(the jury re-entry competition & the HoH competition). Judd Daugherty was able returned to the house, but Elissa Slater was the winner, and winning her first and only HoH of the season.

On Big Brother 16, the competition was played at the first part of final HoH, Cody Calafiore won it, and was able to take part in the final part of the HoH competition.

List of The Wall Competitions

United States


Season Week Name Variant Winner
10 4 "Livin' On The Edge"
April Dowling
12 3 "Hang 10"
Matt Hoffman
13 4 "Big Brother Slalom"
Daniele Donato
14 4 "Walk The Plank"
Danielle Murphree
15 9 "Off The Wall"
Elissa Slater
Judd Daugherty (Re-Entry)
16 Final HoH Part 1 "Fly High Or Bye Bye"
Cody Calafiore
17 1 "Flying Tomatoes"
James Huling
6 "On The Edge"
James Huling
18 10 "Welcome To Loch Mess"
Nicole Franzel
Victor Arroyo (Re-Entry)
19 3 "Space Cadets"
Alex Ow
9 "Everyone's A Wiener"
Jason Dent
20 4 "Out On A Limb"
Sam Bledsoe


Season Day Name Variant Winner
1 17 "Courtside Seats"
Omarosa Manigault
2 10 "Rock Til You Drop"
Kato Kaelin


Season Week Name Variant Winner
1 7 "Iceberg Alley"
Jillian MacLaughlin
6 1 "Feel The Burn"
Johnny Mulder


  • James Huling is the first HouseGuest to play in and win this competition twice (and in one season).
    • He is also the first HouseGuest to play three times, but he lost his third time playing, although he did come in 2nd to Nicole Franzel.
  • Paul Abrahamian was present for this competition three times; he played in it and lost the first and third times, and the second time he was the outgoing HoH so he wasn't allowed to play.
  • Big Brother 11 is the only season to not feature this competition since its debut.
  • Kato Kaelin is the oldest HouseGuest to win this competition at 59 years old.

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