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The Teenternationals is a twist on Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash 2010.

The Teenternational Housemates are a group of foreign-born Filipinos whose both parents have foreign ancestry. They are either first or second generation migrants whose families migrated to the Philippines before or after they were born and with them growing up in the country.

The Teenternationals entered on Week 4, after the Original Teen Housemates moved together in one house. They occupied the Apartment which was previously occupied by the well-to-do Teen Housemates, although the difference is that it now had cushioned beds unlike before. They eventually moved together with the rest in the Villa on Week 6, leaving the Apartment uninhabited once again.

Throughout the series, they competed against the Original Teen Housemates for the three slots in the Big Four, who will attend the Big Night Finale. Initially, whoever's group win at the end, three of them will become part of the Big Four while the losing group, will only have one slot for the Big Four. They eventually won reserving the three Big Four slots for the Teenternationals.

However, in the last few weeks of the series, a challenge was given to the remaining original teen housemates where their victory may give them two additional slots for the Big Night, making the usual Big Four to Big Six. They eventually succceeded, finally having Big Six finalists to reach the season's Big Night.

The Teenternational Housemates[]

PBBTC James Small
PBBTC Ryan Small
PBBTC Bret Small
PBBTC Ann Small
PBBTC Jenny Small
PBBTC Sophia Small
PBBTC Jack Small
PBBTC Richard Small
PBBTC Carson Small
PBBTC April Small



  • Out of 10 Teenternationals, five of them were of Korean descent.
    • It reflected the society as Koreans were among the largest foreign minority groups in the country.
  • The Final Two of the season were both Teenternational Housemates, with James Reid emerging as the Big Winner.