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The Sheyld
The sheyld
Alliance Profile
Big Brother Canada 1
Members Alec Beall
Peter Brown
Votes Against 5
HoH Wins 1
Veto Wins 3
Lowest Placing Member Alec Beall (8/15)
Highest Placing Member Peter Brown (6/15)

The Sheyld is a dominant alliance on Big Brother Canada 1.


Alec Beall
Peter Brown


The Sheyld was the first alliance ever in Big Brother Canada's history. The alliance consists of Peter Brown and Alec Beall. It is a reference to the WWE wrestling group known as "The Shield." It was formed on Day 1 when the first five houseguests entered the house.


Alec formed a showmance with Topaz Brady early on in the game, although it was more personal and less game-focused. Peter had a secret showmance with Liza Stinton, and they genuinely had feelings for each other, however she was more attached to Tom Plant.


Alec and Peter joined with Tom and Emmett Blois in the first few weeks of the house, however due to Tom's erratic and irrational behavior, his alliance turned against him and he was sent home. After this, the alliance ended with Emmett joining forces with the other side of the house.

The Fourgy Alliance[]

The Fourgy Alliance was formed while Gary had HOH power, which consisted of The Sheyld, Topaz, and Gary Levy. Though not emphasized all agreed to work together. This is obvious when Peter explained to Jillian that if she were to vote him out he would have three people in jury (unknowing to the fact that Gary was returning to the game) who would automatically vote for whoever she was against.


The Sheyld was relatively successful throughout most of the season, with Alec and Peter's tactics to throw competitions and remain out of the limelight proving to work. Yet the downfall of The Sheyld came when Alec's lies and throwing competitions became too obvious, and when his and Topaz's showmance fell apart, which culminated in his elimination. Peter, now solo for the final few weeks of the game, was eliminated soonafter, with his ties to Alec clearly known.


  • The Sheyld became so popular that they had their own talk show, called the Sheyld Show, on Peter's Youtube channel.
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