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The Saboteur was a twist on Big Brother 12 (US).

The Saboteur was to wreak havoc on the houseguests by sabotaging a group, an individual, or the house as a whole by causing paranoia or physically sabotaging the game. The Saboteur would be granted $50,000 if he or she made it to the half-way point in the game, five weeks, undetected. The first Saboteur was Annie Whittington and after Matt Hoffman opened Pandora's Box, the second Saboteur was Ragan Fox. The Saboteur communicated to the houseguests through the television in the living room while disguised behind static and appeared only as a silhouette. The Saboteur would threaten the houseguests and warn about upcoming sabotage.

Annie's Reign as Saboteur[]

Annie Whittington was chosen to be the first Saboteur. Had she made it to Week Five, she would have collected $50,000 for being the Saboteur. However, she was evicted after committing only three acts of sabotage. One of the main reasons for Annie’s eviction was because of suspicion of her being the Saboteur.

Ragan's Reign as Saboteur[]

After Matt Hoffman opened Pandora's Box, a new Saboteur was released upon the house. The new Saboteur was decided by an America’s Choice vote. Ragan Fox was chosen to be the new Saboteur. Ragan was tasked with commuting three acts of sabotage for two weeks, and if he stayed in the house for those two weeks, he would receive $20,000 as a reward. Ragan successfully completed the task and claimed the cash prize.