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The Real Deal
The Real Deal
Alliance Profile
Big Brother Canada 6
Members Derek Kesseler
Jesse Larson
Kaela Grant
Paras Atashnak
Defectors Paras Atashnak
Votes Against 11
HoH Wins 6 (Weeks 6, 7, Day 55,
Weeks 9, 10, Day 69)
8 (Weeks 3, 8, 9, 10, Day 69)
Veto Wins 5 (Weeks 7, 8, Day 55,
Weeks 9, and 10)
Lowest Placing Member Jesse Larson (14/16)
Highest Placing Member Paras Atashnak(1/16)

The Real Deal was an alliance on Big Brother Canada 6.


Derek Kesseler
Jesse Larson
Kaela Grant
Paras Atashnak



The Real Deal was created by combining the two Showmances of Derek Kesseler and Kaela Grant along with Jesse Larson and Paras Atashnak, they formed it in the Red Room during the first week.


The alliance began to fall apart after Jesse was targeted by Hamza Hatoum during Week 3. The alliance tried to campaign to get votes to save him. However, Kaela grew worried that Jesse was going to choose Derek and Paras over her and felt more comfortable with the other nominee Olivia Riemer and opted not to flip. Ultimately, Jesse was evicted by a vote of 9-2. Paras began to align with Maddy Poplett and William Kenny and started to actively target Kaela and Derek along with the majority of the house.


After Kaela was nominated alongside Alejandra Martinez during the Final 8. Kaela managed to convince Paras to keep her in the game and promised to bring her and the Secret Three to the Final 5 with them. Paras agreed and got Maddy and Will to join her in evicting Alejandra. After Derek won the Triple Eviction HOH, Derek and Kaela stuck to their word and kept Paras and the Secret Three safe. Kaela and Paras agreed to take each other to the finals, believing their best chance was against each other.


On Finale Night, Derek, Kaela, and Paras all made it to the final three. After Paras won the final Head of Household competition, she chose to bring Kaela to the finals with her, evicting Derek. Ultimately, Paras won the jury vote by a vote of 6-1, crowning her the winner of Big Brother Canada 6.


  • Jesse Larson is the only member of the alliance to not make it to the jury stage.
    • Jesse is also the only member to not be in the final 3.

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