The Quack Pack
The Quack Pack
Alliance Profile
Big Brother 14
Members Britney Haynes
Danielle Murphree
Dan Gheesling
Ian Terry
Shane Meaney
Votes Against 8
HoH Wins 9
Veto Wins 9
Lowest Placing Member Britney Haynes (8/16)
Highest Placing Member Ian Terry (1/16)

The Quack Pack is an alliance that consists of Danielle, Shane, Dan, Britney and Ian. The success of the Quack Pack was similar to the Brigade from Season 12, where they lost one member along the way, Britney, while all of the other members made it to the final four.


The Quack Pack was formed week four, during Danielle's HOH, where Ian came up to the HOH room dressed as a dog, and aligned himself with Danielle, Dan, Britney, and Shane. Each week the Quack Pack battled for control with Chilltown 2.0 members Mike "Boogie" Malin and Frank Eudy.


The Quack Pack was arguably one of the best alliances in Big Brother history. Rivaling The Brigade from Season 12, The Quack Pack made it all the way to the end, only losing Britney Haynes on the way to the Final Five. Ian Terry placed first, Dan placing second, Danielle finishing third, and Shane in fourth.

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