The Quack Pack
The Quack Pack
Alliance Profile
Big Brother 14
Members Britney Haynes
Danielle Murphree
Dan Gheesling
Ian Terry
Shane Meaney
Defectors Dan Gheesling
Votes Against 8
HoH Wins 9 (Weeks 3, 4, 6, Day 49, Week 8, Day 62, Week 9, Day 69 & Week 10)
Veto Wins 9 (Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, Day 62, Week 9 & Day 69)
Lowest Placing Member Britney Haynes (8/16)
Highest Placing Member Ian Terry (1/16)

The Quack Pack was the dominant alliance of Big Brother 14. It consisted of Danielle, Shane, Dan, Britney and Ian. The success of the Quack Pack was similar to the Brigade from Season 12, where they lost one member along the way, Britney, while all of the other members made it to the final four.




The Quack Pack was formed week four, during Danielle's HOH, where Ian came up to the HOH room dressed as a dog, and aligned himself with Danielle, Dan, Britney, and Shane. The five decided to target Chilltown 2.0 members Mike "Boogie" Malin and Frank Eudy when they did not have power.

Staying loyal

Following the formation in week 4, the alliance saved Frank and evicted in Janelle. In week 5 however, Frank became the HoH, forcing the Quack Pack to stay loyal to Chilltown that week. That week the alliance contributed to to Wil's eviction

Betraying And Dwindling Chilltown

Shane became the HoH in week 6. After Boogie told Ian that the targets would be Shane and Britney if he was in power, this caused Ian to relay this information to to his alliance. This then caused Shane to nominate Frank and Boogie despite his allies wishes. Angry, Frank and Boogie blamed Dan for this, but were unaware that Ian was behind them going on the block. Frank won the Power Of Veto  and removed himself from the block, causing Boogie to be evicted. Following Boogie's eviction an HoH was immediately held due to the Double Eviction. Ian managed to win. Despite wanting to backdoor Frank, Britney convinced him to nominate Frank and his showmance Ashley. Frank however won the PoV, resulting in Ashley's eviction.

Powerless Yet Chaotic Week

Following the Double, Frank became the HoH, making the Quack Pack powerless for the first time. Still believing Dan was behind Boogie's eviction, he nominated Dan and his closest ally Danielle Murphy. Ian earned himself the Golden Power of Veto, while Jenn won the PoV. 

The day before the PoV ceremony, Dan pulled of one of the biggest and best strategic moves ever by hosting his own funeral in order to make everyone believe he had checked out of the game. Following the Funeral, he exposed the Quack Pack Alliance to Frank and made a final 2 deal with him. Dan and Frank then persuaded Jenn to use the PoV on him. While Ian did not use the golden PoV, Jenn used the PoV on Dan, causing Frank to get revenge on Ian by nominating Britney. Britney was then evicted.

Eliminating Their Enemies

Dan remained loyal to his alliance and aided them in evicting Frank next, finally getting him out. A second Double Eviction then occurred. Dan won and told Ian he was nominating him as a pawn, but his actual goal was to evict Ian. Ian however won the PoV, resulting in Joe's eviction. At the final 5, Dan wanted to get Shane out, but after Shane won the PoV, the last non Quack Pack member Jenn was evicted.

Showmance Split Up

With all their enemies out, the four members were forced to turn on themselves. After Danielle won HoH, she nominated Dan and Ian, with the latter as her target. After winning the PoV, Dan convinced her to remove him from the block by promising that he would evict Ian, though Dan's real goal was to evict Shane. After Danielle removed Dan, he betrayed both her and Shane by blindsiding Shane, shocking Danielle.


Dan won the first part of the Final HoH, after convincing Dan and Danielle to throw it to him. Ian won parts 2 and 3, making him the final HoH. After winning part 3, he evicted Danielle, making himself and Dan the Final two. Ian was voted the winner by a vote of 6-1, with only Danielle voting for Dan to win.

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