The Moving Company
Moving company
Alliance Profile
Big Brother 15
Members Nick Uhas
McCrae Olson
Spencer Clawson
Jeremy McGuire
Howard Overby
Defectors McCrae Olson
Spencer Clawson
Howard Overby
Votes Against 24
HoH Wins 1
Veto Wins 2
Lowest Placing Member Nick Uhas (15/16)
Highest Placing Member Spencer Clawson (3/16)

The Moving Company was a failed all-male alliance in Big Brother 15, comprising Nick Uhas, McCrae Olson, Spencer Clawson, Jeremy McGuire, and Howard Overby.




The Moving Company was masterminded by Nick, who sought to align the strongest male players both physically and mentally. He recruited Jeremy, Howard and Spencer very early on, while McCrae was included for winning the first HOH. The name was decided by Clawson as a reference to "moving people out of the house."

The Beginning of the End

In Week 2, alliance member Jeremy McGuire was nominated by MVP Elissa Slater because of his rude acts and bullying towards her and because she wanted a strong boy up on the block. Jeremy then went on to win the POV and removed himself from the block. Candice Stewart then pressed Elissa to nominate alliance-creator Nick Uhas because the former was convinced that there was an all-male alliance. Nick sealed his fate when he wouldn't give Elissa a straight answer after she confronted him on voting out Kaitlin Barnaby if she were to put her up, thus leading to Elissa to not trust him anymore. The alliance began to crumble when Helen Kim and Elissa gathered the support of Amanda Zuckerman and Andy Herren. Amanda then managed to convince Moving Company member McCrae into voting out Nick, unaware of his alliance in The Moving Company. Because of his distaste for his fellow alliance-mates, McCrae ditched The Moving Company after Elissa and Judd Daugherty convinced Jessie Kowalski to defect from the The Blonde-Tourage because of the poor treatment they gave her. Hours before the eviction, Helen spilled to Spencer that they had the votes to evict Nick, which scared Spencer. He then went to Howard and convinced him to jump ship from The Moving Company. Spencer also proposed that they throw Nick a "ghost vote" so they could blame it on Jessie. At the eviction, Nick's "showmance" GinaMarie Zimmerman, HoH Aaryn Gries, Jeremy and Kaitlin were blindsided when Nick was evicted by a vote of 7-4-0 with only Kaitlin, GinaMarie, Jeremy, and Howard voting to keep him.


After Nick's eviction, Helen Kim became the new Head of Household. Under her reign, both Spencer and Howard eventually revealed the existence of the Moving Company to her. McCrae, on the other hand, revealed the alliance to his showmance, Amanda Zuckerman. It was during this week that the remaining members of the Moving Company stated that their alliance was no longer together.

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