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Logan Greg Mathew is the winner of Big Brother Australia 5 and Logan David Mathew is a housemate on Big Brother Australia 5.


Player History - Big Brother Australia 5[]

Friday Night Live History[]

  • Greg competed in odd numbered weeks and David in even numbered weeks until David was evicted.
Week Theme Result
1 Roman Lose
2 50s Lose
3 Wacky Athletics Lose
4 Italian Lose
5 A Day at the Fair Lose
6 Water Sports Lose
7 Army Boot Camp Lose
8 Asia Win
9 Life in Space Win
10 Winter Wonderland Win
11 D.I.Y. Lose
12 Australia Lose
13 Mad Max and The Final Four Lose

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2 2-Christie Mills
1-Geneva Loader
- -
3 2-Gianna Pattison
1-Michelle Carew-Gibson
- -
4 2-Geneva Loader
1-Michael Farnsworth
1-Michael Farnsworth -
5 2-Michelle Carew-Gibson
1-Hotdogs Deering
1-Michelle Carew-Gibson -
6 2-Geneva Loader
1-Hotdogs Deering
1-Rachael Burns -
7 2-Hotdogs Deering
1-Vesna Tosevska
1-Vesna Tosevska -
8 2-Kate Benson
1-Hotdogs Deering
1-Vesna Tosevska -
9 2-Kate Benson
1-Vesna Tosevska
1-Vesna Tosevska -
Rita Lazzarotto
(to save)
10 2-Vesna Tosevska
1-Kate Benson
2-Melanie Smerdon
2-Vesna Tosevska
11 2-Vesna Tosevska
1-Rita Lazzarotto
1-Melanie Smerdon
1-Vesna Tosevska
David Evicted
12 2-Vesna Tosevska
1-Melanie Smerdon
2-Kate Benson
1-Vesna Tosevska
13 2-Vesna Tosevska
1-Melanie Smerdon
1-Tim Brunero
2-Vesna Tosevska
14 No Nominations Nominated
No Nominations Winners

Post Big Brother[]



Preceded by
Season 4
Trevor BBAU2004 Small
Trevor Butler
Season 5
Greg BBAU2005 Small
Greg Logan
Succeeded by
Season 6
Jamie BBAU2006 Small
Jamie Brooksby
Big Brother Australia 5 Housemates
Greg BBAU2005 Small
Logan Greg
Tim BBAU2005 Small
Vesna BBAU2005 Small
Melanie BBAU2005 Small
Kate BBAU2005 Small
Christie BBAU2005 Small
Rita BBAU2005 Small
David BBAU2005 Small
Logan David
Dean BBAU2005 Small
Hotdogs BBAU2005 Small
Heath BBAU2005 Small
Glenn BBAU2005 Small
Geneva BBAU2005 Small
Rachael BBAU2005 Small
Michelle BBAU2005 Small
Michael BBAU2005 Small
Gianna BBAU2005 Small
Angela BBAU2005 Small
Constance BBAU2005 Small
Nelson BBAU2005 Small