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The Legion of Doom
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Alliance Profile
Big Brother 7 (US)
Members Danielle Reyes
James Rhine
Mike Malin
Will Kirby
Erika Landin
Janelle Pierzina
Defectors Will Kirby
Mike Malin
Votes Against 11
HoH Wins 5 (Weeks 3, 5, Day 47, 9 & 10)
9 (Weeks 1, 3, 4, 5, 6,
7 & Day 48, 8 & 9)
Veto Wins 3 (Weeks 4, 6 & 7)
Lowest Placing Member James Rhine (7/14)
Highest Placing Member Mike Malin (1/14)

The Legion of Doom was an alliance on Big Brother 7 (US).


Danielle Reyes
James Rhine
Mike Malin
Will Kirby


Erika Landin
Janelle Pierzina



During week 4, after Janelle Pierzina nominated Diane Henry and effectively backed out of her promise to James to nominate Chilltown if she won HOH, James Rhine felt betrayed and defected from the Sovereign Six alliance. He and Danielle Reyes decided to align with Chilltown to form The Legion Of Doom.


In week 5, Danielle won HOH. The alliance originally set their targets on major competition threat Janelle. However after she won the veto, the alliance decided to evict Kaysar Ridha instead. Following Kaysar’s eviction, Janelle won HOH. Though initially it could cause some set back for the alliance. Janelle still believed James and Chilltown were working with her. This just left Danielle as a potential target. However, after Danielle won the veto, the alliance was kept safe. Ultimately, Marcellas Reynolds was evicted by a vote of 6-0. Following Marcellas’ eviction, wildcard George Allen Boswell won HOH. Although George initially wanted to target James, the latter won the veto. Thankfully for the alliance, Chicken George favored targeting Howie Gordon after James vetoed himself. Later, Howie was evicted by a vote of 3-2.

Chilltown’s Betrayal[]

Following Howie’s eviction, Mike Malin won HOH. Despite Danielle and James assuming that Janelle would be targeted, Mike and Will Kirby decided that James was a bigger threat and targeted him instead. After Janelle won the POV, James was left nominated alongside Chicken George and was evicted by a vote of 3-1 only receiving Danielle vote to stay. Following this Erika won HOH, Chilltown influenced her to backdoor Danielle. Despite the alliance having the votes. Chilltown betrayed Danielle and evicted her.


Despite Will getting evicted by Janelle, Mike was able to win the final HOH, evicted Janelle and chose to bring Erika with him to final 2. Ultimately, he ended up winning in a 6-1 vote.


  • All members reached the jury portion of the game.
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