The Goof Troupe
Goofe troupe
Alliance Profile
Big Brother 15
Members Amanda Zuckerman
Andy Herren
McCrae Olson
Judd Daugherty
Elissa Slater
Helen Kim
Defectors Amanda Zuckerman
Andy Herren
McCrae Olson
Votes Against 3
HoH Wins 5
Veto Wins 3
Lowest Placing Member Amanda Zuckerman (7/16)
Highest Placing Member Andy Herren (1/16)

The Goof Troupe is an alliance on Big Brother 15.






The alliance was created by Amanda during week 4 during a meeting with the members. They promised a final four deal with each other and all four agreed. But Amanda still did not trust Judd and the alliance only seemed strong between the other three members.


Most of the groups strategy relied on Amanda's manipulation skills and ability to eliminate her targets. Also the fact they were constantly in control of the house. The group went after strong players and newcomer Aayrn carried out the eviction of them, including Howard and most recently Judd.

Plan of Points

During Week 3 Amanda, McCrae Judd and Andy decide if they won HOH the following week they would target Howard Overby and nominate Candice Stewart alongside with him to make sure Howard didn't have the votes to stay.

Also later that week members of the alliance made a side alliance called the Knockouts which would include Helen and Elissa. The 4 members of the alliances were later noted as saying they only want Elissa in the alliance so they can use her for her MVP.

Judd Betrayed

During Week 4, Helen and Aaryn made a deal to keep Aaryn safe. Helen rallied up votes to keep Aaryn safe. Amanda and Aaryn's relationship became stronger during Aaryn's HOH. Amanda finally got Howard on the block after three weeks. When Amanda was put up as the Third Nominee by America. Amanda initially thought Howard was the MVP, but quickly brushed it off, and targeted Judd. Andy, McCrae, and Amanda created a new alliance with Aaryn, which they later agreed to call 3 A.M., and got Judd evicted in part 2 of the Double Eviction in Week 6.

Judd Returns

During Week 8's Live Eviction, Judd and the other Juror Members competed against for there chance to stay. Judd won the power to return back into the house. Although he returned, the alliance is still broken up, with Andy now targetting Amanda and McCrae, and with Judd now targetting them as well.


  • Due to the name of the Goof Troop alliance being the same as a copyrighted TV program, 'Disney's The Goof Troop,' it was never referred to by name on the CBS airings.
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