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[[Category:The Friendship]]
[[Category:The Friendship]]
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[[Category:Big Brother 6 Alliances]]
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The Friendship
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Alliance Profile
Big Brother 6
Members Ivette Corredero
Maggie Ausburn
Eric Littmann
Beau Beasley
Jennifer Vasquez
April Lewis
Votes Against 21
HoH Wins 7
Veto Wins 3
Lowest Placing Member Eric Littmann (12/14)
Highest Placing Member Maggie Ausburn (Winner)

The Friendship (known as The Nerd Herd by the opposing alliance) was an alliance created during Big Brother 6. Arguably one of the most hated alliances in Big Brother history, their strength came with their numbers, and they proved to be a powerful force, even before two members, Maggie Ausburn and Ivette Corredero made it to the Final Two, with Maggie becoming the eventual winner. Other notable members were April Lewis, Beau Beasley, Eric "Cappie" Litman, and Jennifer Vasquez.

In comparison to the Sovereign Six, they were not as popular with fans (Although Ivette Corredero was the only member of The Friendship to be eligible to enter the Big Brother All Stars House).


The Friendship was formed very quickly in the beginning of the season, simply as a group of friends in the house. Following Eric's eviction, Ivette turned to Maggie, Eric's secret partner, for help in avenging his eviction upon the Sovereign Six, the opposing alliance in the house.


Week after week, the power would shift between The Friendship and the Sovereign Six. Although under some circumstances in which the Friendship had no choice but to vote against one of their own, their alliance stayed quite intact, leaving 3 of their 6 members in the Final 4. Janelle, a member of the Sovereign Six, won Head of Household, evicting April. Ivette won the Final HOH and chose to take her friend Maggie, who ultimately won, to the end.

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