The First Five
Alliance Profile
Big Brother Canada 2
Members Sabrina Abbate
Kenny Brain
Andrew Gordon
Sarah Miller
Arlie Shaban
Rachelle Diamond
Allison White
Defectors Arlie Shaban
Votes Against 24
HoH Wins 2 (Weeks 2 & 10)
Times Nominated 13 (Weeks 1, 5, 6, Day 43, Weeks 7, 8, Day 57, Week 9, Day 71)
Veto Wins 4 (Weeks 1, 2, & 6, Day 43)
Lowest Placing Member Andrew Gordon (11/15)
Highest Placing Member Sabrina Abbate (2/15)

The First Five is an alliance in Big Brother Canada 2.

The main point of the alliance is the first five people to enter the Big Brother house and to their hopes, the last people to leave. The alliance had a breaking point when Canada nominated two members of the First Five, Sabrina and Andrew, and when the nominees weren't vetoed, Andrew was evicted and then Heather won HOH, which made the First Five start to crumble.


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Arlie BBCAN2 Small
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Sabrina BBCAN2 Small
Sarah BBCAN2 Small


Allison BBCAN2 Small
Rachelle BBCAN2 Small



Sabrina suggested that the five of them should align when they first entered the house. This did continue into an actual alliance, which Canada discovered when the alliance members did a hand gesture of the First Five.

Week 1

The alliance is originated and goes into effect. Paul nominates Andrew, an alliance member of the First Five, but then Andrew won the Power of Veto to take himself off the block, making all of the First Five members safe. They all voted together to evict Anick Gervais.

Week 2

Andrew wins HoH and nominates Paul, a member of The Outsiders and Neda, a pawn. When Kenny won the Power of Veto, the alliance backdoored Kyle out of the game by a vote of 9-1, with the only eligible Outsider voting to save Kyle.

Week 3

Allison enters the house who seems to ally with Andrew. Ika wins HoH and she nominates Paul and Heather, granting all of the First Five safety. She then won the Power of Veto and did not use it. The First Five did not all vote together when voting to evict, with all of the members voting to evict Paul except for Sabrina, who voted to evict Heather. 

Week 4

Rachelle won HoH, who was manipulated by Sabrina to nominate Allison and Heather. Allison then won the Power of Veto to take herself off the block, and Sabrina told Rachelle to backdoor Ika. This worked out and Ika was evicted by a vote of 9-1.

Week 5

The First Five was out of power when Canada was given Head of Household. They nominated two members from the alliance and when Jon won the Power of Veto and didn't use it, one of the First Five members would be evicted, and that was Andrew who was evicted by a vote of 7-2.

Week 6

Heather won HoH and the First Five was in trouble because she was in the opposing alliance, The Outsiders, and nominated Kenny, and an ally of the First Five, Allison. 

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