The Fellowship of the Zing
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Alliance Profile
Big Brother 21 (US)
Members Cliff Hogg III
Nicole Anthony
Ovi Kabir
3 (Weeks 1 & 3)
Lowest Placing Member TBA
Highest Placing Member TBA

The Fellowship of the Zing is an alliance on Big Brother 21 (US) that consists of Cliff Hogg III, Nicole Anthony, and Ovi Kabir.


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Ovi Kabir
 Camp Comeback



The Fellowship of Zing was formed in week 1, when Ovi was on the block. They wanted to get the numbers together so that Ovi could stay in the house and Kathyrn would be evicted. This plan failed however, and Ovi was evicted by a unanimous vote of 12-0 when even his alliance members voted against him, placing 16th and being the 2nd houseguest to arrive in Camp Comeback succeeding David Alexander and preceding Kemi Faknule .


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