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The Exterminators
Alliance Profile
Big Brother 15
Members Andy Herren
GinaMarie Zimmerman
Judd Daugherty
Spencer Clawson
Votes Against 14
HoH Wins 7 (Weeks 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, Day 82 & Week 12)
12 (Weeks 3, 4, 5, 6, Day 49, Weeks 7, 8,

9, 10, Day 77, Week 11, Day 82, Week 12)

Veto Wins 4 (Weeks 5, 7, Days 77 & 83)
Lowest Placing Member Judd Daugherty (5/16)
Highest Placing Member Andy Herren (1/16)

The Exterminators was an alliance on Big Brother 15 (US).


Andy Herren
GinaMarie Zimmerman
Judd Daugherty
Spencer Clawson


Off to a Great Start[]

After Aaryn's eviction in Week 9, the alliance started off to a great start with GinaMarie winning her 2nd HoH of the season and nominating McCrae and Amanda. McCrae would go on to win his 2nd POV of the season. To throw off the others from the alliance, GinaMarie nominated fellow Exterminator, Spencer, with the intention of evicting Amanda. Amanda became evicted with a tiebreaker vote.

The Successful Extermination[]

During the Week 10 Double Eviction, The Exterminators evicted Amanda in the first round, and Andy successfully covered his betrayal to Amanda, but with McCrae winning HoH; GinaMarie and Elissa were both nominated. Judd won the Veto but did not use it, as Elissa was on the list of The Exterminator's next targets. Elissa became evicted by a unanimous vote; a big win for The Exterminators, as they evicted 2 of their targets in one day, and their only remaining target was alone in the house.

An Unexpected Setback[]

With McCrae winning the second half of the double eviction, The Exterminators were guaranteed to win Week 11 HoH. Spencer won his first HoH, and put up McCrae and GinaMarie, with McCrae being their ultimate target. However, McCrae won the PoV that week, forcing another member of the Exterminators to be nominated. Around this time, Andy had started to conspire against other members of the Exterminators with McCrae (namely Spencer), to get the target off of himself. Judd was put up in McCrae's place and became evicted by a 2-0 vote.

Victory at Last[]

In the second half of the Week 10 fast-forward eviction, Andy won HoH and put up McCrae as his main target with Spencer. During the week, the remaining Exterminators confronted McCrae and revealed that there was an alliance between the three of them and that he was going home that week. He seemed not to be surprised by this fact. With GinaMarie having the sole vote to evict, McCrae finally left the house. The winner of Big Brother 15 would be one of the three remaining members of The Exterminators.

The Final Face Off[]

The Exterminators now battled against one another for the final HoH title. In Round 1, an endurance competition, GinaMarie won and would face the winner of Round 2. The second round became won by Andy, getting Spencer out of the running to win the Final HoH. Andy and GinaMarie would face off in the Finale for Round 3 of the final HOH. Andy would go on to win the Final HoH, and he evicted Spencer.


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