The Black Widows
Alliance Profile
Big Brother 21 (US)
Members Isabella Wang
Jessica Milagros
Kemi Fakunle
Nicole Anthony
Defectors Isabella Wang
Votes Against 27
HoH Wins 3 (Week 6, Day 79 & Week 12)
5 (Weeks 2, 3, 4 & 10)
Veto Wins 2 (Weeks 6 & 11)
Lowest Placing Member Kemi Fakunle (14/16)
Highest Placing Member Nicole Anthony (TBD/16)

The Black Widows is an alliance on Big Brother 21 that consisted of Isabella Wang, Jessica Milagros, Kemi Fakunle, and Nicole Anthony.


BB21 Small Isabella
BB21 Small Jessica
BB21 Small Kemi



The Black Widows were formed in Week 1, after Isabella pitched the alliance idea to Jessica and Nicole, with Kemi joining the group moments after. However, Isabella was already a member of the Gr8ful alliance, which posed the greatest threat to the members of The Black Widows.

Isabella's defection

In Week 2, after Jack Matthews, another member of Gr8ful, won the Head of Household competition, Isabella told Jack about The Black Widows. She said that Jessica was the one who started it in an attempt to show that Gr8ful was her true alliance. This led Jack to putting up Kemi and Jessica up on the block. At the Power of Veto competition, Isabella, Jackson Michie (who Jessica decided to pick through HouseGuest's Choice), and Sam Smith joined Jack, Jessica, and Kemi for the competition. Although Kemi came close to winning, Sam won the PoV for the second week in a row. While Jessica and Kemi tried to talk him into saving one of them, in the end he decided not to use it. Meanwhile, Isabella told Sam about Gr8ful (an alliance he was not part of). She also confessed to Nicole that it was her who told Jack about The Black Widows, citing that it would help their respective games to have Kemi and Jessica become targets. However, Nicole did not believe Isabella's story, and insisted that the revelation to Jack would make her a target. Nicole later told Jessica that she revealed the alliance to Jack.

Kemi's Eviction

Since Sam decided not to use the Veto, either Jessica or Kemi would be sent to Camp Comeback, with a one in four chance of returning to the game. Isabella and Nicole decided to evict Kemi, along with the rest of the house, except for Jackson, who voted to evict Jessica. By a vote of 10 to 1, Kemi was sent to Camp Comeback.

Aftermath of Week 2

In Week 3, after Kemi was sent to Camp Comeback and Isabella defecting and outing the group, only Jessica and Nicole remained. Nick Maccarone, another member of Gr8ful and a close ally to Isabella, won the Head of Household competition. Nick had three targets for nominations: Jessica, Nicole and Cliff Hogg III. Cliff was overheard discussing his alliance with Nicole, known as The Fellowship of the Zing, by Christie Murphy (a member of Gr8ful). After Kathryn Dunn won the Power of Veto, she took Jessica off the block. Nick then replaced her with Nicole.


  • Jessica Milagros decided on the name 'The Black Widows' as it is named after the Black Widow spider (otherwise known as Latrodectus mactans), which is known to trap, kill and eat other male spiders. 
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