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Alliance Profile
Big Brother 15
Members Judd Daugherty
Jessie Kowalski
Defectors Jessie Kowalski
Votes Against 13
HoH Wins 1
Veto Wins 1
Lowest Placing Member Jessie Kowalski (10/16)
Highest Placing Member Judd Daugherty (5/16)

The Tenexas is an alliance in Big Brother 15, comprising Judd Daugherty, and Jessie Kowalski. The name was decided since Jessie is from Texas, and Judd is from Tennessee which makes Tenexas.


Tenexas was created after Jessie and Judd started to bond and get very close. They have agreed to take each other to the end.


Their strategy is to stay with the Knockouts while trying to evict the other houesguests. After that they plan to work together to make final two.


During week 6, Aaryn started to get in between Jessie and Judd because Aaryn was starting a showmance with Judd, making Jessie very jealous. Jessie and Judd then had a huge fight after a previous discussion about Aaryn and told each other to not talk to each other again and have told the rest of the house they are going to nominate the other if they win HOH. And after a mutual agreement, they ended the Tenexas alliance. On Week 6 eviction night, Jessie and Judd fought over inappropriate comments made towards Kowalski from Daugherty. Later that night during the double eviction, when Daugherty was nominated, Kowalski voted Daugherty out, permanently ending the Tenexas Alliance.

The next week after Andy won HoH, Jessie was nominated and evicted right after Judd by a vote of 6-0.

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