Teen Big Brother: The Experiment other known as Teen Big Brother was a teenage spin-off of Big Brother (UK).

As this series was pre-recorded, it had similar aspects of the American version such as housemates voting to evict another and voting for a winner.


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Featuring eight 18-year-olds, it was broadcast between 13–17 October 2003 on Channel 4 and E4. Trailed as 'The Experiment', Teen Big Brother was originally shot in advance over the course of ten days between 30 July to 8 August, to air in 2003 as an educational item, screened as part of Channel 4's 4Learning programming. The tasks were created so as to promote such values as cooperation and team spirit, and topics like politics and religion were discussed. After editing, however, the footage was felt to be compelling enough for a more mass-market time slot, so the show was moved ahead to October 2003 and formatted to be shown over one week (five episodes).

Teen Big Brother was different from the original Big Brother UK series in a number of ways. Since it was pre-recorded, the contestants themselves and not the audience decided which housemates were to be voted out. At the end, the eventual winner of a grand prize was decided by group decision (a cash prize was replaced by a round-the-world trip). No alcohol or cigarettes were allowed. The basic premise of the show, however, remained the same, and no special treatment was made for the housemates.

On Day Six/Seven, Jade Dyer and Tommy Wright became the first Big Brother UK contestants to have sex on the show in its history. According to The Independent, this was the first real-life sexual act shown on British television (although nothing explicit was seen; the two were under bedcovers). This sparked controversy in the British media and comment on teenage safe sex education.

An edited version of Teen Big Brother – The Experiment was eventually broadcast in January 2004 as part of 4Learning's morning schedule and was designed with formal curriculum teaching in mind. The incident featuring Jade and Tommy did not appear in this edit.[1]


  • Teenage Housemates: For the first time in UK history, the Big Brother House will be inhabited with eight 18-year-olds.
  • Voting Changes: Since the series was prerecorded, the housemates had to vote to nominate, evict, save, and to win.


Paul Teen
 Winner: Caroline 
Caroline Teen
 Runner-Up: Paul 
Tracey Teen
 Finalist: Paul 
Jade Teen
 Finalist: Paul 
Tommy Teen
 Finalist: Tracey 
James Teen
 DQ: Caroline 
Shaneen Teen
Hasan Teen


Day Task Description Reward Result
Day 1 As a test for the housemates, Big Brother blocked the toilet and the housemates had to unblock it themselves. Toilet Yes!
Day 2 Big Brother set the teenagers their shopping task, that would determine their budget for the next 8 days. Housemates had to fully crew a simulated flight from London to Birmingham without crashing. 75% Extra Shopping Budget No!
Day 4 Today, all housemates were split into pairs and each person had to teach something personal to them to their partner in 5 hours. At the end of the 5 hours, Big Brother tested them on their new skills. The pairs were Shaneen/Caroline, Tommy/Hasan, Tracey/James and Paul/Jade. 2 Food Hampers Yes!
Day 6 At 18, the housemates's personalities are defined by what they wear. Big Brother provided every housemate with a boiler suit and they were only allowed to wear this suit and underwear. Housemates were also only allowed a toothbrush, one toothpaste and a bottle of shower gel each until further notice.
During the day, Big Brother set housemates a series of mini-tasks to challenge gender stereotypes. Housemates would be eliminated if they lost their match and in the end there would be one winner of the task. Pampering,
Caroline Teen
Day 8 Today, housemates had to paint a group portrait to test their interpretation skills.
Day 9 On the morning of Day 9, Big Brother ordered the housemates to clean the House thoroughly.
In the afternoon, housemates were required to form a pop group and write and perform a song in Spanish. Party Yes!

Nominations History

Week 1 Week 2
Day 3 Day 5 Day 7 Day 10
Vote Final
Paul Tracey
Hasan Jade Caroline Winner
Caroline Paul
Hasan Exempt Paul Runner-Up
Tracey Paul
Shaneen Tommy Paul Third Place
Jade Hasan
Hasan Paul Paul Fourth Place
Tommy Jade
Shaneen Tracey Tracey
James Hasan
Hasan Tommy Caroline
Shaneen Hasan
Hasan Shaneen

Game History

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Week 1

Round 1

Shaneen Teen
 4 Nominations
2 Votes to Evict
Hasan Teen
 5 Nominations
4 Votes to Evict

Day 3

Big Brother provides a shock - the gang have to nominate two of their fellow teens for possible eviction...

The housemates were stunned this morning when Big Brother announced they would each have to make two nominations for eviction.

Jade was more startled than most, shrieking, "I'm not being funny but if anyone goes I'm gonna�." Before trailing off and looking extremely tearful.

Caroline was the first into the Diary Room, looking remarkably calm and collected. She nominated Paul for being "overbearing" and Jade, who Caroline felt teamed up with Paul too much and didn't put in enough effort.

Hasan seemed to find the whole process difficult, sitting on the edge of the Diary Room chair and holding his head in his hands.

He opted for Shaneen, who he said cried over "petty things" and Jade, before pondering his decision for a moment and choosing Paul instead. The London lad claimed the Belfast crimper had "thrown quite a few strops" in their first few hours in the House.

Big Brother then called Jade into the Diary Room, the Lowestoft lass nominating Hasan, because she felt she hadn't bonded with him at all, and Tommy. "We have nothing to say to each other," she explained about the Weymouth boy.

James, one of the quieter members of the group, chose Hasan as his first nominee, citing Hasan's earlier derogatory comments about homosexuals as his reasoning. The Scot also picked Shaneen, saying, "she kicks off quite easily."

Half way through and Paul, Hasan and Shaneen all had two nominations each. Tommy and Jade both received one.

The First Nominations Irishman Paul was up next, telling Big Brother he was nominating Shaneen because of a "personality clash" between them. He also admitted if they stayed in the House together much longer, there'd be a fight!

His second nomination was Hasan, who Paul felt was spoiling the experience for the rest of the group by moaning too much.

Hasan wasn't overly popular with Shaneen either. She chose him as her first nomination, saying, "he doesn't like gay people, which is quite awful."

Shaneen also picked former sparring partner Tracey to face possible eviction, calling her "selfish and immature" and "sly."

Skateboard lover Tommy was the penultimate housemate to make their decision. Obviously feeling the same tension between him and Jade as she did, Tommy picked her as his first nominee, explaining he felt she was "a bit too loud and ignorant towards me."

Shaneen was Tommy's second choice, telling Big Brother he had been offended by some of the things the Leeds lass had said.

The final housemate to make her nominations was Tracey. The Beauty student selected Paul, revealing she felt she'd not clicked with him at all. Her second choice was Shaneen, who Tracey felt was too forward in some conversations, and "got her knickers in a twist" too easily.

Overall, Shaneen and Hasan both received five nominations, Paul three, Jade and Tracey two, Tommy one, and Caroline and James escaped unscathed!

Nominations over, and with Big Brother keeping mum about when and if there'd be an eviction or not, the eight slumped on the sofa before wandering off to cook or hang out in the garden.[2]

Day 4

Nominations Announced There are two housemates up for eviction and both have been wondering what they did wrong...

The nominations have been announced and it's Shaneen and Hasan who are up for the chop.

The girls quickly swarmed around their up-for-eviction female housemate, and offered their condolences in the shape of a hug, while Hasan resignedly made high(ish) fives with his male pals.

The pair seemed to take the news on the chin to begin with, but as the morning wore on, their true feelings rose to surface.

As Shaneen sat munching on her breakfast alone, her eyes clouded over in thought, while Hasan was in the bedroom telling Tommy he didn't quite know what he'd done wrong. "I've just been myself," he whimpered.

A little while later and Shaneen opened up to Caroline. "It shouldn't bother me, do you know what I mean?" she asked, with what sounded like a lump forming in her throat.

"I knew this would happen�" she went on. "It's difficult. You think you get on with people but knowing that they'd rather live without you hurts..."

As day turned into night the up-for-the-chop twosome looked to have put it behind them, but when Big Brother called them individually into the Diary Room to chat about their feelings, it was evident the nominations were still weighing heavily on their minds.

"I am soooo leaving tomorrow," Hasan told the all-seeing eye. "It's obvious [because] I'm not gonna do stupid things� there are big barriers between my lifestyle and theirs," he continued, referring to an earlier foam fight he'd sat out.

Shaneen found it difficult to hold her tears back, and when Big Brother asked how she felt about this being potentially her last night in the House, the drama student whispered: "I'm filling up now thinking about it�I don't wanna leave tomorrow I'd be really upset�I just love it here, the people, the place; it's so cool..."

But one of them must leave. Make sure you tune in to find out who stays and who goes...[3]

Day 5

Hasan is revealed as the first housemate to leave the Teen Big Brother House...

At 4pm today, the housemates were told that Hasan would be the first person to leave the Teen Big Brother House.

The youngsters all dealt with the news differently. Far from overjoyed to be staying in the House, Shaneen just stared ahead looking miserable. She appeared to be suffering from a case of survivor's guilt. But Hasan took the news extremely well.

"It's soooo me," he'd said, sitting on the sofa waiting for the result to be announced. And on hearing his name, he just smiled and said, "Yeah, told you."

He later went into the bedroom alone and muttered to himself, "What a trip."

But the others weren't so upbeat. "I just want to cry," said Jade, holding hands with Tommy on the sofa for comfort. "I don't want anyone to go."

Paul didn't seem to be affected by the news at all, jumping up off the sofa and heading for the garden to continue sunbathing.

But Caroline couldn't hold back her tears so she walked into the bedroom alone to curl up under the duvet. Surprisingly, the person who came to sit on her bed and comfort her was her least favourite housemate, game player Tracey. However, they didn't speak to each other. Tracey simply stroked Caroline's head.

Called to the Dairy Room to give his response about his impending eviction, Hasan stayed positive and showed no trace of emotion. "I'm confident in my ability to read people," he said, inferring that he always knew the housemates would vote against him.

But he also said that his time in the House hadn't been wasted. "It's been fun and I've enjoyed it," he said. "I've been a bit of a pillock sometimes, but it's been good."

It's a shame the others didn't take the news quite so well...[4]

Round 2

Caroline Teen
Tommy Teen
 2 Votes to Save 
Jade Teen
 1 Vote to Save 
James Teen
 1 Vote to Save 
Paul Teen
 1 Vote to Save 
Tracey Teen
 1 Vote to Save 
Shaneen Teen
 0 Votes to Save

Day 7

Leeds girl Shaneen is the second person to face eviction from the House...

In a change to the normal voting system, the housemates were today asked to vote for the person they wanted to stay rather than leave. The person who received the least number of votes would then face eviction.

Poor Shaneen didn't receive a single vote, making her the least popular housemate. As Caroline won yesterday's task, she was exempt from the nominations.

At 4.30 pm this afternoon the housemates were called into the Diary Room one by one. Jade was first up. But instead of voting for new lover Tommy, she voted for Paul.

"He's my best buddy in the house," she said, when asked about her choice.

Sleepy James wanted Tommy to stay because he never rows. "We get on really well," he explained. "Tommy has the same kind of views as me. He stays detached from the arguments in the group."

Paul chose Jade, "because I clicked with her on the first day," he said. And Shaneen told Big Brother that James was the person she wanted to keep in.

"He's probably the only person in here I think actually likes me as a person," she admitted.

Like Jade, Tommy shunned his new lover and instead voted for gossip merchant Tracey. "She's the only person I can sit and have a decent chat with for more than ten minutes," he said. "And she's the only person I'd like to be here with by myself."

That just left Tracey herself. But like James, she voted for Tommy. "I really like him and I'd love to stay with him. He keeps me happy and I can talk to him."

As the only person to get more than one vote, loverboy Tommy is clearly the most popular person in the house. And not just with the ladies..![5]

Week 2

James Teen

Day 8

Shaneen is the second housemate to leave the Teen Big Brother House...

Leeds lass Shaneen was announced as the second person to be evicted from the Teen Big Brother House, and the selfless student thought about the welfare of the other housemates right up to the moment she left.

Just after 5.30 pm, Shaneen was called into the Diary Room and given a choice of either leaving in 15 minutes or staying on for an Indian meal with her pals and leaving at 7 pm.

But there was an added incentive. If she chose to leave early, she and her friends would win a fabulous pampering prize at a luxury health spa.

It wasn't enough to tempt the Leeds lass. Reasoning that she could spend plenty of time relaxing with her friends in the forthcoming days, Shaneen chose to stay for the Indian meal.

"They've got no food left," she said sympathetically. "They need as much food as they can get."

As Shaneen packed up her belongings in the bedroom, an emotional Caroline asked if she was going to keep in touch with any of the housemates.

"You, Jade and Paul," she replied, without knowing that not one of them had voted to keep her in the House.

After the final meal, all the housemates gave Shaneen a warm hug to show their appreciation. Paul went one step further and leapt into her arms so she ended up carrying him like a baby!

And Tommy grabbed hold of her and mumbled, "Give the big dog some lurve.."

As the most mature person in the House made her final exit, the housemates looked a little sad to see her go. Only time will tell if they have bitten the hand that feeds them![6]

Day 10

After breaking the rules once too often, James has been forced to accept the consequences...

James has been dealt a body blow after breaking another of Big Brother's rules... he's been told he cannot win the competition.

After the boys and girls were woken up around 9 am, the all-seeing eye requested that none of the housemates go back to bed or fall asleep for the rest of the morning.

James, Paul and Jade had other ideas however, and like a bunch of naughty schoolchildren skipped back to their pits where they zonked out until Big Brother's next wake-up call at around 10.40 am.

James, who is on two official warnings as it is, then made the most regrettable decision of his time in the House – the decision to take his crumpled-looking mug and weary butt into the garden and fall asleep on a beanbag.

It must be said that Jade also followed suit, but, as we know, Jade wasn't treading as fine a line as her male roomie – she had never received a warning before.

And after Jade received her telling off, James was hauled into the Diary Room where he received the killer news.

"Today I've been really tired," he pleaded, a duvet mark imprinted in his squashy face. But he was not about to be let off that easily.

"You've repeatedly broken the rules," the anonymous voice boomed. "You will not now be able to win the final prize. However as it's your last day, Big Brother will allow you to stay to the end."

James was crushed, and despairingly made his way into the lounge where the others quickly deciphered what had just gone on. "You can't win?" Tracey asked, sounding as if she was in pain. "No way..." Caroline murmured.

It was all getting too much for the golf fan, and after several seconds of his bottom lip quivering so hard it looked in danger of dropping off, he walked solemnly to the bedroom where he proceeded to blub beneath his blankets.

Caroline joined the Glasgow boy seconds later where, with a heavy heart, he told her: "[Big Brother] saying 'you've been disqualified' – it sums up my life."

Let's hope after a good nap, James makes a speedy recovery..![7]

The housemates have to choose their winner...

In a change to the normal Big Brother rules, the teenage housemates today had to sit round the table and each argue their case for winning the competition.

Not surprisingly, things got very emotional when the housemates were asked to go into the spare bedroom to choose their winner. One by one, they had to go round the table and sum up their time in the house.

Caroline was first up but instead of giving a cheesy 'Vote for Me' speech, she criticised the other housemates for their childish behaviour.

"I've learnt that I can't trust anyone," she began sharply, staring straight ahead. "I've said in the Diary Room that it's been like a kids' playground in here. It's been petty, but I've stayed out of all the arguments."

Jade, however, burst into tears as she told the housemates that she'd never had a game plan. "I've been myself 100%," she sobbed. "If you liked me in here, you'll like me outside."

Chirpy Paul's speech was far more upbeat as he credited himself for bringing much-needed humour into the House. "I came in here for a laugh," he said simply. "And I've been the one who always tried to make everyone else laugh. If I've annoyed anyone, I've always apologised."

But it was Tommy who seemed to have benefited most from the Big Brother experience. "I've learnt that I can get on with everyone," he said, rather sweetly, "and that everyone's the same. You can't take people at face value."

Tracey, however, seemed desperate to prove that she's not two-faced. "I've not said anything behind anyone's back," she claimed, although she clearly has. "I didn't bitch in here."

We believe you Tracey...[8]

The votes are in, the winner's been announced and believe us there are a couple of happy housemates in there...

After a turbulent ten days of tete-a-tetes, tomfoolery, tears,tiaras and tantrums, Paul has discovered he's the winner of Teen Big Brother and his prize is just awe-inspiring!

Believe us, it was an emotional scene as the boy sobbed for Belfast on hearing the news.

First off, one-time feuding partner Tracey voted for the trainee hairdresser to win, saying, "He's kept me entertained since Day One." Jade also voted for Paul, despite the fact her best male buddy cast his ballot for Caroline.

At this, Paul could only rest his head in his hands and weep uncontrollably...

And finally Caroline also opted for Paul, claiming he doesn't just muck about all the time – they also have really good conversations.

And then came the prize news...

If Paul was emotional before, then he looked on the verge of collapse when news from a plasma screen revealed he'd won a three-month, all-expenses paid trip around the world worth £30,000.

"Oh my bleeeeeeeeedin' God!" Tracey yelled, summing the winning housemates' thoughts up concisely.

After floating into the Diary Room, Paul beamed and trembled all at once: "I'm really scared and all I wanna do is travel round the world!"

He still had one big decision left to make however, and after giving him a second to let the news sink in, Big Brother told him he could choose one of his fellow housemates to take with him.

It wasn't easy for Paul, but after a few seconds careful consideration he went the same way as he did during the decision making process and opted for Caroline.

So, not just one jubilant housemate, but two..![9]

Paul may have just won, but he then had to pick a housemate to share his prize...

The realisation that Paul had scooped the prize was just beginning to sink in. "It's mad. It's kicking in," the excited Belfast boy revealed.

"The best fruit wins!" joked Tommy.

But just as the group were getting used to the idea of Paul winning the fantastic round-the-world trip, Jade picked up on something Big Brother said. "Take another housemate," she repeated.

Hearing this, Tracey replied: "We all know he's going to take Jade."

The Irishman was then called to the Diary Room to deliver his verdict. "All I've ever wanted to do is travel round the world," he gushed to Big Brother on the big chair, before expressing his gratitude.

And after a few seconds careful consideration he went the same way as he did during the decision-making process and opted for Caroline as his travelling companion.

Leaving the Diary Room, he went and joined the others to hear Big Brother announcing the Home Counties gal would be accompanying him round the world. She immediately broke down into flood of tears.

Paul's concern was for his other pal. "I'm sorry," he said to Jade. "I have my reasons which I can't explain to you now. Caroline has helped me through this House."

Tracey was concerned. "Jade are you OK?"

"I'm fine. Don't worry about it."

But Paul clearly was worried about it. "I'll bring something huge back for you," he promised.

"Don't make it worse!" Jade snapped back. But she soon returned to her normal cheery self as she stepped out of the House into the sunshine.[10]


Paul Teen
3 Votes to Win
Caroline Teen
2 Votes to Win
Tracey Teen
 3rd Place
1 Vote to Win
Jade Teen
 4th Place
0 Votes to Win
Tommy Teen
 4th Place
0 Votes to Win


James Teen
Tommy Teen
Jade Teen
Tracey Teen
Caroline Teen
Paul Teen



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