Techi Cabrera is a housemate on Gran Hermano VIP 6 (Spain).


Retrieved and Translated from Telecinco.
Age 33 years
Study ... Justice Oppositions
Fugitive marriage He was married for 21 days to Alberto Isla
He is 33 years old, is studying two oppositions of justice and has a 2-year-old child. "I have always been known as the ex of and I really want this opportunity to know me as I am," says the ex-Kiko Rivera and ex-wife of Alberto Isla (after a fleeting wedding that lasted 21 days). "I'm ready for everything, this is going to be like a fight ... what I want is my prize", says Techi before entering the house of 'GH VIP 6'. [1]

Nominations History- Gran Hermano VIP 6

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 3-Suso Álvarez
2-El Koala
1-Aramís Fuster
2-Suso Álvarez
1-Ángel Garó
1-Aramís Fuster
1-Darek Dabrowski

5 points
2 3-Miriam Saavedra
2-Aramís Fuster
1-El Koala
2-Miriam Saavedra
2 points
3 3-Miriam Saavedra
2-El Koala
1-Verdeliss Unzu
3-Tony Spina
3 points
4 3-Miriam Saavedra
2-Verdeliss Unzu
1-Ángel Garó
3-Tony Spina
3-Verdeliss Unzu
2-Asraf Beno
1-Ángel Garó
9 points


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